Sunday, November 24, 2013


So far behind in blogging.

Matthew is 1 now. Well almost 13 months actually. He is still a peanut around 35%ile's for height and weight. Not walking yet but he gets around fast. Starting to babble more.."da" for dad we think and maybe "duh" for dog but one year olds are tough. He makes sounds a lot but hard to tell if it's just a coincidence.

Matthew's right eye finally cleared up his blocked tear duct around 9 months but the other eye was still blocked even at his 1 year appointment. After MUCH agonizing on it, we made the firm decision that we were NOT going to have the surgery to correct it done on him, mainly because he would have to go under general anesthesia. His blocked tear duct does not affect his vision and doesn't seem to bother him. I just couldn't stomach the risk for that, even if they are tiny.

Anyway, our ped had already been pushing about the surgery even a month ago so he wasn't thrilled about it and went on about how it wouldn't clear up on it's own at this point, and that the surgery has much greater odds of success the sooner it is done (though still a 10% fail rate). I did some googling just to see more experiences with the procedure and actually found a lot of people with stories about how their ped pushed it but they decided not to and the blocked tear duct cleared up on it's own between 1 and 2. A week later, Matthew woke up with his eye completely clear and it has looked perfect ever since...going on 2 weeks now of being completely clear. Our ped would have had him in surgery a month ago if it had been up to him. I'm glad we went with our gut (which was screaming at me to wait!) and I really am leaning towards trying to find a family doctor I like and switching us all to them, soonish.

Luke turned 2.5 the day after Matt turned 1. He was Thomas for Halloween and LOVED trick-or-treating.
The kid is hilarious and cracks us up every day. A couple things I remember of the top of my head...
A couple days ago we were leaving a play place and there was a fire truck parked in the parking lot. I pointed it out to Luke as we drove by it (yes he is still rear facing but has no problem seeing stuff out the window), anyway he sees it and responds "Ohh! That's amazing!"
Today we were going to Costco and drove past a pond a few feet from the road.."Look mom! A river!"
Love this age. He is already in awe of all the Christmas decorations we see out and about and in stores, he is going to love the next month especially.

So I am #115 on the waiting list for the ultrasound program which is kind of sucky but mostly okay with me because I'm not that excited to have to put both kids in daycare fulltime anytime soon, and now we know it won't be anytime soon. If we decide to have one more baby, we have time to do that too, while I am still home and not working. (Not trying yet, or in the near future, Matthew still doesn't sleep through the night and that is a huge hold up for me.)

We spent a week in Kansas City and had an absolute blast there. We went to the zoo twice, the children's museum twice, an indoor playground, the aquarium, and this train restaurant that has a train deliver your (not very good) food. It is always a bit crazy traveling with young kids on our own, but it was definitely worth the craziness. Luke cried and wanted to go "back to the room" our 3 hour drive home, though he was happy to see our dogs.

Joe's birthday was at the beginning of November, this week we have our anniversary plus Thanksgiving. Trying to gear up for Christmas decorating this year and ,gulp, turning 30 at the end of December.

So much going on, there hasn't been much time to write and then it just got farther and farther behind. I will try to do better!