Sunday, April 27, 2014


Today our baby boy turned 3. Crazy how fast time flies.


18 months
He is ALL little boy now. He tells knock knock jokes. "Knock knock" "who's there?" "Lucas the mailman" idea WHERE he picked that up from but he loves telling it.
He LOVES Paw Patrol and has all of the episodes memorized. He also still likes Blues Clues. He can count to twenty and knows most of his colors. Talks A LOT. Loves firetrucks. Has no interest in wearing underwear. "Diapers mom". He also loves trucks and buses and cars and all that "boy" classic stuff. Loves his brother, playing outside, playing with friends. Our world is so much better with him in it.

And this guy turned 18 months on Saturday.

18 months

1 year


Hard to believe he is now Luke's age when he was born. He is starting to talk more, 'bye', 'og'(dog), 'ish(fish), ma, da,. He still bangs his head on whatever is near when he gets mad- which is often. He bites and headbutts too. But he LOVES his big brother and playing with balls and rocks and outside. (He has gone up to the door to bang his head on the door when he wants out.) Also loves dogs and trucks and finding trouble. He is much more subtle about finding trouble than Luke was, and when he gets into stuff he knows he's not supposed to, he gets a huge smirk or grin. He does smile and laugh a lot, but he makes you work for it. Our world is much brighter with our boys in it, that is for sure.

Easter 2014