Sunday, December 9, 2012


Matthew is 6 weeks old now. He is really starting to fill out, my guess is 11ish pounds by now (he was 9lbs 7 oz two weeks ago and had gained like 6 ounces in 3 days.) I am also guessing that by his 2 month check up, he will have already nearly doubled his birth weight. He likes eating, a lot.

We had the stomach flu last week. It started with Luke on our anniversary. He had the mildest case, it only lasted half the day so we weren't quite sure if it was a virus or something he ate or a fluke. Saturday morning, we discovered it must have been a virus as both Joe and I ended up sick. It was especially bad for me since Matthew wanted to nurse and nurse and nurse and nurse and I couldn't even keep down water. It was MISERABLE. I contemplated going to the ER for IV fluids, but I didn't want to leave the house. Miraculously we survived. And my milk supply seems to be doing okay too.

This week, both boys have colds. Since Thanksgiving, we've had colds, the stomach flu, and now colds again. Luke went 6 months before getting sick at all and even then it was only a cold. I wasn't planning on doing the flu shot thing this year but now I'm seriously reconsidering. Our pediatrician's office said "only immediate family" for the first 2 months around Matthew, but I'd go insane with that. That being said, I really need to figure out how to use my new Maya wrap and I'm going to try to keep our social interactions restricted, which sucks, but I'm tired Matthew being sick and don't want to risk him getting something worse when he's still so young. Most of the sickness is coming in through Luke, and I'm pretty sure Luke is picking it up from the kid's gym. He loves that fricking place even if he doesn't do most of the class activities (still no luck with circle time). You better believe I scrubbed both our hands down with sanitizer before we left Saturday. Anyway, the germ thing has me on edge.

I am really behind on everything Christmas. Our tree isn't up yet, although that's mostly intentional because I figure the less time we have it up, the less I have to tell Luke to leave the ornaments alone, etc. etc. We went over to my parents tonight for dinner and he did better than I expected with their tree (though he totally picked up a ball ornament and threw it and said "ball"). I think if he was at OUR house, with a tree 24/7, I am going to spend a lot of time telling him to leave the ornaments alone, watching him carry them all over while I'm nursing Matthew, etc. It just won't be good. So no tree yet. I haven't done much shopping yet either, except for ourselves. (We just got a new king size memory foam bed, and my new stroller came in the mail late last week.) My cards are supposed to arrive tomorrow so I hope to have them in the mail by the end of the week.

So I attempted to take the math test on Friday. I had to get a certain score to not have to take College Algebra. I did well on the "pre-algebra" questions and the "algebra" but bombed the "college algebra" part except when they say "college algebra", it was really more like trig/pre-calc. So, this messes up everything. I can retake the test, and I'm going to try but not very optimistic about it (I have been studying.) Worst case scenario is that I don't pass again and have to take college algebra online from January through May. I kinda have my plate full already and don't really want to add a freaking class, nor do I want to pay to take a class I've already earned an A in (ten years ago.) But, I think one class...that I've already taken...should be do-able, albeit ANNOYING. The worst part of it is that I wanted to get on the waiting list this winter for the class starting next fall. (They don't let you get on the waiting list until you are done with all of the prereqs and requirements. This is the ONLY thing I have left.) The acceptance letters for the fall 2013 class start going out in May, when I won't be done with this class yet if I have to take it, so most likely I wouldn't get in. And none of the area community colleges offer an accelerated version of it to do it in fewer weeks than a regular length semester. So, it's annoying. I don't really want to wait until fall 2014 to start the ultrasound program, especially after I rushed to get everything done but this. It's mostly out of my control though, I guess. STUPID FREAKING MATH.

Alright, Matthew is sleeping finally, I better sleep while I can.


Melissa said...

I have been looking for an update from you Angie! I have been wondering how your little guys are doing and how you are balancing it all. Our munchkins are only two weeks apart (Lillian is 8 weeks today) and I cannot fathom how busy you must be!

I do not blame you, one bit, for not putting up a tree yet. In fact, if I were you I would make it a Christmas Eve activity with Luke. You have enough to balance.

Or you could just decorate the top half ha ha.

Addi's mom said...

Stupid math is right! Math was always the subject I had to work the hardest in and I still didn't so that well in it :( ugh

Mason has been an overall healthy kid until we started baby gym. We are skipping the month of December and maybe January too. It's extra hard when there are no "sick" days for us to rest up and get better so we can take care of everyone else!

I hope you don't have to retake the class, I seriously admire how much you are able to accomplish while being home with your kids...I'm still struggling with the laundry ;)

Brooke said...

Yick I hate math. I hope you're able to test out, even though it's not the end of the world, it would suck to have your schedule set back.

I just came down with a wicked cold over the weekend. David had it last week and I thought I'd escaped it, but no such luck. Zuzu has had a runny nose but doesn't seem to be feeling bad aside from that. I can't even blame daycare because David brought the germs home first. We both had flu shots this year, but he works with elementary kids and I feel like college students aren't that much better!

I know a lot of parents do the "touch with one finger" rule for Christmas tree ornaments and kids. With varying degrees of success. Luke seems like the kind of kid who likes to test his boundaries... which is a good thing in terms of an adventurous personality and not so good in terms of your sanity!

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