Friday, January 25, 2013

3 months, 21 months

Matthew at 3 months--

Smiles a lot, at other people and us, loves being talked to and his swing, also loves getting his diaper changed because over his head is a mirror and he gets so excited kicking his legs and flinging his arms and smiling when he sees himself.

Eating every 2ish hours, nursing has been super easy, though he isn't super crazy about bottles, he will reluctantly take a Tommee Tippee bottle. Wakes up about twice a night, not too bad.

He sometimes "talks" or coos and doesn't mind his brother putting his hands all up in his face too much. Does not really like sleeping in a bed/rock n play, when the car stops moving, or loud sudden noises. He did like being "worn" in my baby carrier today.

He's in a mix of 3 month, 3-6 month, and 6 month clothes. Around 13 lbs.

Luke at 21 months
Favorite phrases: "uh oh" "there it is" "bye Joe" "it stuck"

He got his first haircut Monday at a kid place. It went horribly (held him on my lap screaming and crying the whole time even with Blues Clues on), and looks slightly better than a 5 year old with kid scissors did it. Next time I'll save the money and trim it myself, couldn't turn out any worse or more uneven!

He is hitting and pinching and biting and..."fun".  The more we say no (firmly) or ow, the more he laughs about it. The only thing that works is telling him to be nice and then he stops and pats us and lays his head there. Oy.

He LOVES LOVES LOVES drawing and coloring. With pens, markers, crayons, whatever.  He has used his knockoff magnadoodle a ton the past few weeks. Also obsessed with bubbles and dogs.

Sleeping is still crap. Bedtime usually 8ish, up somewhere between 2-4 for a half hour or so, up for the day around 6am, nap around 10:30am.

Eating is iffy now too. Likes mac n cheese, cheese, fruit, oatmeal, cereal, animal crackers, tacos, carrots and brocoli.

Climbing everywhere and on everything.

A few funny stories:

Luke hates being covered in his sleep and almost always kicks it off or will wake up and get mad. The other day it was really cold so when I was up and he was in deep sleep, I put a light muslin aden and anais blanket over him. A couple hours later he had rolled over and tangled himself in it and was muttering still asleep "stuck! stuck!"

The other day he took my hand and led me to the sliding glass door and said "doggy", wanting me to let Koda in, I opened the door and the second I did he went up to the opening and shrieked very loudly, "DOGGY!" Koda had been about to come in, even with Luke standing there...but the shriek was too much, he took one look at Luke and backed down the steps.

Usually when we go somewhere, I start the car with remote start (best invention ever!), put Matthew in his infant seat, then bring Luke and stuff out to the car, then grab Matthew and snap his seat in the car...2 trips. Today we were about to go out to the car when Luke whined and pointed at Matthew and said "baby" while tugging my hand to the door. "You want me to bring Matthew out now too?" He nodded. Probably he doesn't really care, but he seemed like he did.

He still shakes his head and says no when he really means yes often.

He likes to say "bye Joe" to Joe, which he picked up from Blue's Clues because he used to say bye Joe every time at the end. But now he says it to Joe.

He likes drawing on his tummy especially.

Alright, off to bed for me, have a couple videos to post soon.


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