Friday, July 17, 2015

MIA and 4 year olds are funny!

Whoops. Well it seems I accidentally stopped blogging for about a year and a half but I am going to try to make a comeback. Not making any promises but now that I have my account information again I'm hoping to stick around.

To recap the last year, Matthew turned 2 in October and is as high maintenance as ever. Lucas turned 4 in April and is crazy independent and hilarious.  Last summer I got pregnant and had a miscarriage a few weeks before Olivia's 5th birthday, not such great timing. Luckily I got pregnant again easily a couple months later when I was 'sort of' cleared to try again by my OB. (Well okay, actually she told me to wait a month but I didn't but I didn't get pregnant that month anyway.) I got a positive pregnancy test just a couple days before Christmas and here we are, 33 weeks pregnant with baby boy #3 who might never have a name. (Just kidding, we have a short list and a pretty good idea of what we are naming him but we are going to wait until we meet him this time to officially decide.) Being pregnant through the summer pretty much SUCKS, but it is a hell of a lot better than NOT being pregnant and trying or the alternatives. This has actually been my easiest pregnancy so far, sadly multiple times I have forgotten how many weeks pregnant I am. (Thank goodness for the monthly ultrasounds to remind me which has the gestational age input already or I'd be seriously clueless.)

Lucas has had so many hilarious one liners this week that I've meant to write down and then forgot so I'm trying to remember and recap them here as well as keeping an email to myself with them when I can.

So earlier this week, my mom watched the kids while I had an ultrasound and monitoring appointment (that's a blog for another day in itself). My mom was feeding them lunch and Luke got this random fork with engraving/etching on the stem from the silverware drawer and was seriously seriously impressed with it. "Oh, that fork is BEAUTIFUL. Can I please eat with it?" She let him use it and he seriously talked about the fork "with hair on it" (um, because it had wavy lines etched in?) that apparently were super impressive to a 4 year old.

We have been talking loosely about new houses and selling/buying for next spring/summer. On Monday we actually drove out to look at a new development to see if it would be an option we would want to consider (maybe?) so Lucas has noticed that. At first he cried about not wanting to leave his 'snuggly wonderful home' but lately he has been having nightmares (thank you so much alien episode of Paw Patrol), and so he asked if we could move to a home with no windows. (Um, no.) I was ambivalent about it because we aren't moving until next year at the soonest. So then he sweetly says, "And when we are done with our house, we can give it to someone else?" "Sure". "How about those people coming over on the boats?" Whuck? I tried to get more information about 'what people coming over on the boats' but never really nailed down specifics. I don't think he's talking about immigrants but who knows. We've had tons of rain and flooding this summer so maybe he saw a glimpse of that on the news? No idea. But he has big plans for us to move to a house with no windows and give our house to people coming over on boats.

And then Wednesday, we were at tot swim at the pool when Matthew fell and hit his face/mouth on the concrete of the pool. Awesome! It bled a ton. I wasn't worried about his teeth being loose or chipped because I could tell they weren't but his gums above his two front teeth turned a nasty purple/blue color. I called my dentist (who also sees kids but neither of my kids had been to the dentist yet because I'm a horrible mother and I hate dentists even though I love my dentist ;) ). She asked me to bring him in right away, so we did. Thankfully everything is fine and Matthew was only mildly traumatized by his first trip to the dentist. He actually did much better there than he does at the ped's office so it was better than I expected. Lucas took it ALL in and thought it was a grand old time since he didn't have to actually do anything dentist-y besides observe Matthew's trauma and then they both got to pick a toy out of the 'treasure box'. Hours later, he would say things like, "So when Matthew goes back to the dentist to get his teeth pulled, can I get another toy out of the treasure box?"  And then when we said that Matthew wasn't getting his teeth pulled (poor Matthew was rather alarmed by his question and said "No!") , he said, "Oh, okay, I mean when Matthew hurts his teeth again.." He has big plans for Matthew's future dentistry, not so much for himself.  After the dentist we went back to the playground because I had promised Matthew we would go back to play after, as we are leaving my mom who was with us, says, "It's been a rough day in the neighborhood." Lucas scowls at her, looks around the park, and says, "This is NOT a neighborhood."

And then, my favorite, a few days ago Lucas stubbed his toe on something and asked me to put the 'magic oil' on it. (Which is a tea tree oil blend of stuff that I swear helps with healing faster.) So I put a few dabs on it, he tentatively walked and decided it was all better. A few hours later he comes up next to me and says, "Mommy, I'm so glad you are in my family." I was caught off guard and just looked at him,"What?" "You give me hugs and kisses and put oil on my toe when it's hurt and take good care of me." It was so random and out of nowhere (and awesome!)

And not to be outdone, earlier in the week, Lucas and Matthew are bickering over something, nothing unusual around here. Matthew picks up his foam bat and whacks Lucas with it a couple times. (Lucas is pretty obnoxious to Matthew most of the time and will run up and grab whatever toy he's playing with or whatever. So I kinda let Matthew fight back when I can and he's not seriously hurting his brother because otherwise I'd be intervening 9 million times a day.)  I did tell Matthew we don't hit people with bats, blah blah blah, and a few minutes later they are playing together again peacefully. After a few minutes, completely on his own, Matthew walks up to Lucas and gives him a hug and says, "Me sorry me hit you with the bat bubba." (His word for brother/Lucas). I need to record them together sometime because when they aren't beating each other up or bickering they are so cute.

Okay, I think those were all the main snippets I wanted to write down before I forget them but I will try to update again before next year.


Brooke said...

Glad you're back online! I love the kid quotes. Adorable.

Tyler Williford said...

I remember taking my son to the dentist for the first time. I had told him not to be afraid, that it was just a checkup. I let him watch Finding Nemo on the way and the the dentist part made him instantly terrified! Thankfully after his appointment he felt better, and even told me "That wasn't that bad at all!"

Tyler Williford @ Marzo Smile

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