Monday, February 21, 2011

Olivia's quilt square + 27 weeks

Volunteers from the Pre-Eclampsia Foundation are putting together a quilt for 2011...
"The Promise Walk Team is pleased to announce that the memory quilt is back! In 2007 and 2008 foundation members came together to create memory quilts to benefit the Preeclampsia Foundation. Foundation members were asked to design and create a quilt square to honor a loved one lost to preeclampsia or to honor a survivor. The past quilts have been auctioned off at the yearly Saving Grace – A Night of Hope 2007-08 events and were a huge success. The quilts not only raised awareness and research funds, but provided an emotional outlet for family members to spotlight their loved ones. The Promise Walk wants to give those who wish to participate a chance to remember and honor their sons, daughters, mothers, aunts, and sisters. The new quilt will be displayed at walks around the country during the 2011 walk season." - Rosemary, the person coordinating the quilt, explains it better than I could.

I'm not particularly crafty and especially suck at sewing or anything like that. So I wasn't really planning to participate until I remembered iron on stuff and fabric paint and decided we'd figure out something. We were a bit rushed with it because I'm supposed to have our square back by March 1 and I didn't request it until about a week ago. So anyway, my handwriting isn't that great and so we stuck with iron ons. And in fact, I brought everything to my mom and watched her put it together because I've never actually done anything iron on. Unfortunately, when we were putting our last name on the square, some of the letters moved around and we didn't notice until it's too late. I think we probably did a bit overkill with the butterflies, but, oh well.
So the square didn't turn out the way we would have liked...but I guess nothing with Olivia worked out the way we would have liked, so I guess it's fitting.

In other news, today makes 27 weeks! We found a dresser yesterday for relatively cheap at Big Lots. I'm not sure that the color of wood will match exactly but they are both cherry and I don't really care that they match exactly, I'm glad to be done with the dresser search. I have started panicking a little bit, not about getting sick or babies dying (although those thoughts are always in the back of my mind), but about the fact that we'll probably have a baby here in a couple of months. There is so much to do and buy still. I can't let myself think about it for too long or I start getting overwhelmed and panicky which isn't really great for my blood pressure.

The gestational diabetes diet is CRAP. Or maybe the nutritionist is a sadist. All I know is I'm not really following the diet and luckily my blood sugars have been good after every meal anyway. (Even after Outback Steakhouse.) In fact, this is almost sort of backfiring because my blood sugar "goal" is 140 and under, 1 hour after a meal. After dinner at Outback, my blood sugar was in the low 100's, and so I thought "damn, I should have had a few extra pieces of bread." There have been days when I closely followed the diet (today I was pretty good), but I've noticed that my dizziness is actually worse when I follow it as opposed to eating normally. Tonight I was so dizzy that I didn't want to get up off the couch because I was afraid I'd fall over myself. I don't really think the dizziness is related to my blood sugar at all, though, because I've tested my blood sugar when I get dizzy and it's always right smack in the middle of normal. It makes me a little worried that maybe the dizziness is an ominous warning sign of trouble to come that hasn't shown other signs yet...I know it's not a typical symptom of pre-eclampsia or anything and that a lot of people with normal pregnancies have dizziness...but I didn't get sick the normal way last time and so it's always kind of in the back of my mind. I'm not sure if my high risk doctor is going to free me from the gestational diabetes prison on Wednesday or not. (Taking your blood sugar 4 times a day and thinking about food 6 times a day is really a pain, I want to go back to just worrying about my lovenox injections and blood pressure 3x a day.) After every meal, my blood sugars have been normal, but twice my morning fasting numbers have been a little higher than the "goal". She said if things look normal we'll back off testing, so I'm not sure if those two bad readings are going to screw everything up or not. I don't think there's anything I can really do diet-wise about fasting numbers especially since my numbers are good after meals, so, I don't know how it's going to work out.

Aside from the dizzy and annoying possible gestational diabetes junk, I'm feeling good. Blood pressure has been really good. And Luke is moving a lot. It definitely feels like his movements are stronger so I think we'll be in good shape at our ultrasound on Friday. Now if I could just drop this gestational diabetes stuff and get a lot done around the house, we'd be in really really good shape.


Brooke said...

Funny isn't the right word for it, but I think only people who have been through the worst in pregnancy can appreciate sentiments like "I want to go back to just worrying about my lovenox injections and blood pressure 3x a day." As if THAT is easy! It's amazing how quickly our perspective shifts--we're not wishing anymore for being happy and oblivious, we just want things to be not *quite* so hard. Thinking of you!

MrsH said...

SEveral of my family members are diabetic, and I have for the longest time eaten according to the diabetic guideline, both because of the diabetes around me and because I don't want to get it myself. It is only crap when you start, because you don't know what you can and cannot handle, then you can expand on the diet with new cooking skills and recipes. With the GD though, you don't spend a lifetime with the disease so you can't really delve too deeply into it. It is a good learning opportunity though, even though a lot of dieticians don't teach it properly and make you feel punished. Good luck. Nice artwork, I can't do any of that so don't feel bad about the letters slipping off, I would not know how to iron on letters either.

Leslie said...

Don't worry about not having bought enough "stuff"; a bed, a rocking chair and a place to put clothes, blankets and burp cloths are all you need for a couple months- except for people to hold him and love on him and you've got that.

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