Thursday, February 3, 2011

Guess what I did?

So, in a moment of total bravery or maybe insanity or optimism or whatever you want to call it, today I went to Babies R Us with my mom for the bazillionth time.

Babies R Us is having a "trade in" sales event so you bring in an old carseat/stroller/playpen/high chair/etc. and they give you a coupon for 25% off any of those items new. I had initially thought that this meant you bring in a carseat, you get 25% off a new carseat, etc. which is still not a bad deal. (I contemplated maybe trying to find a piece of crap crib somewhere to trade in even though I have a 20% off coupon, Joe said no way is he hauling a crappy crib in there just for an extra 5% off.) Someone on Freecycle gave me their old carseat to trade in, and so I was able to bring that in and they gave me a coupon for 25% off anything in those categories, it didn't have to be a carseat.

So, I went and ordered the crib with it. (And now I still have a 20% off coupon I can use for the carseat.)

My mom was with me when I ordered Olivia's crib, too. (After a ridiculous number of trips to Babies R Us and everywhere else that sells cribs, not to mention hours of reading review books and reviews online.) I think I was right about 18 or 19 weeks when I ordered her crib last time. It was brand new and when I put the order in they said it would be about 2-3 weeks, which was fine. And then the week before everything went to hell, they called me at school- well on my cell phone and I remember sitting at my desk calling them back on my plan period or after school- and told me it would be 2 or 3 more weeks because the warehouse was out of them too, blah blah blah. I told them that was fine and was relieved we didn't have to deal with it yet because by that point every week was more bad news. And then the next week we lost Olivia, and I think the day I was released from the hospital I called and had them cancel it. (I did NOT want to risk a phone call telling me it was in so it was one of the first places I called.)

So anyway, this time we decided to get the same crib. It's now been out awhile and has almost all good reviews online. And I like the idea of Lucas having the same crib that Olivia would have had. I expected it to take somewhere between 2-6 for it to come in because that's what happened the first time, but to my surprise (and a little bit to my dismay), he said,  "I think we have one in the back". I crossed my fingers that they *didn't* have one in the back because I'd feel a lot better about getting it in 2-6 weeks. No such luck. There really was one in the back. They are letting us do a "delayed pick up" in the next few days.

I've decided that instead of freaking out about having the baby crib already, I'm mostly trying to take it as a good sign. Like Olivia's crib wasn't in stock and never came home with us just like she never came home with us, and Lucas's crib is there and ready to go, like he will be when he comes at the end of April (86 days or so). Otherwise, it's going to freak me out. It will be SEVERAL more weeks before we actually take the crib out of the box and Joe puts it together. Partially because the baby room has a twin bed and some stuff that needs to go in the office, and the office is a crowded mess of random stuff and so that's going to take some time. And partially because I'm not quite ready to see a baby crib up and ready to go in our house yet. I think that would be a good way to celebrate the "I'm 28 weeks" milestone.

I was planning to start my registry today but after the crib ordering did not go the way I expected, I was a little overwhelmed already, and Babies R Us is just overwhelming in general. Plus, there were like 8 people at the registry counter and only one person working. So I'll maybe start that sometime next week.

Here's the crib we ordered, (I like it especially because it's low to the ground and I'm short), we've decided not to get the dresser that comes with it, so next week we'll probably start looking for a dresser too. (I want something low enough that we can plop a changing pad on and use as a changing table, all of the ones at the baby store only have 3 dressers and a cabinet, I don't want/need a cabinet, I'd rather have extra drawers.)

Anyway, today is 24+3 and everything is still well. I'm going to hopefully venture out tomorrow for my gestational diabetes test. I just hope the lovely orange drink doesn't make me throw up.


MrsH said...

You will use the crib, don't worry. it looks very nice, I think MrH was looking at something similar last time I had a chemical pregnancy (he is very precocious), but luckily we did not go as far out as to buy it. This time I don't know what I'll get, I guess I will wait for your reviews of the crib before I decide.

Katie&Greg said...

gorgeous crib! I say get a dresser off craigslist and if you don't like it due to pulls or whatever, those can easily be replaced! Oh and dressers can be painted! :)

chloe blankenhorn said...

Hi! I found your blog on someone else's. First, I want to say I watched thes slide show of your beautiful Olivia! I am happy for you that you are getting to grow your rainbow baby :)
Also, I am from Missouri! I have lived in Alabama most of my life but I was born in Rolla and went to high school in Columbia. Small world!
I'd like to follow your blog, if it's ok with you. I'll be rooting for you!

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