Friday, April 27, 2012

One year.

Last night was one of the rare nights these days that I hoped Luke would wake up and want to sleep with me in the recliner. He didn't disappoint. At 4:54 am, I was holding my sleeping boy as he officially turned one.

It's hard to believe he has went from a screaming, lip smacking, sleeping, immobile baby to a talking, walking, clapping, opinionated, normal-food-eating toddler. I know it is so cliche to say it goes so fast, but damn, it goes so fast. (Although there are definitely some days and nights when it doesn't feel like it goes very fast!)

We did his 1 year pictures on Tuesday and I will hopefully have a few to upload later today or this weekend. (She already sent me a few but the website is suddenly not working.) In the meantime, here are some pictures from our playdate yesterday:

(This is as far as he got trying to climb up, but try he did!)

(He could have played with the fridge magnets ALL day. The front of our fridge is not magnetic so clearly we are going to have to figure something out because I was amazed how long that entertained him.)

(Pasta for lunch, always a hit! And this is why he was shirtless in the fridge magnet picture. Note Melissa's smart dog wisely positioning herself for dropped/thrown pieces on the floor. Luke is very generous with food and usually gives the dog's half of whatever he is eating- which drives me crazy!)

What a year it has been!


Kim said...

He looks so big! Happy 1st Birthday little man!!

SG said...

Happy Birthday, Lucas! What a handsome little guy :)

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