Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lucas turns one. (pictures)

Thank goodness things are slowly but surely starting to settle down a bit. I have a final tonight and two next week, then I am done with school for a few weeks. Volunteering is over at least for my 120 hours but I'm helping with the babyloss stuff again now. Rogue's knee is not any better. We are still debating about it. But Luke's party was a success! I was nervous how he would do since he didn't have a nap that day, but he did great. He wouldn't blow out his candle (even though he blows on his food when it's hot so I was hoping maybe he would, no dice.) He and I got covered in cake (I had him on my lap because I was afraid he'd try to grab the fire- which he did.) His cake was fantastic and delicious. My mom's friend made it for us and it was beyond what I ever ever expected. (Luke and I enjoyed the dog and doghouse part!) The sugar did not affect him one tiny bit. He fell asleep in the car on the way home and napped for three hours, then woke up for a little bit and then slept through the night (which is really rare). He was EXHAUSTED.

And then we have some pictures from his 1 year photo shoot (I was too busy at his party to take any but my mom took some but she isn't that great with her camera so don't expect much there...she also has no idea how to load pictures on computers so it will be awhile.)


Brooke said...

That cake is amazing! Your mom's friend is very talented. And Luke is too cute. Love the pics.

Tiffany said...

he is adorable. love that cake!

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