Monday, October 22, 2012


Well, today I am the most pregnant than I have ever been before, since Luke was born in the wee hours (4 am!) when I was 36 weeks and 2 days. 37 weeks is pretty close (FRIDAY! Like in 4 days...), I think we'll actually make it.  My appointments today were pretty uneventful except ...oh my gawd, the characters you see at a high risk doctor's office and perinatal center. Yeesh. Every time I go, I pretty much end up thinking that to myself, but today it was especially....interesting. Saturday Night Live has no idea what they are missing, it's like watching a skit in real life.

For once, nothing dramatic to report. Same old, same old. Very active baby, normal fluid levels, normal blood pressure, no protein, we have the okay to stay pregnant. 

Now we need to get serious about getting ready for this baby. I have already washed a lot of the baby clothes and put it away, washed the car seat cover, the rock n play cover, etc. I need to start bringing the actual baby stuff out, although I don't really want to give Luke the opportunity to start having new stuff to climb on just yet, so I may wait till Thursday night or even have Joe bring it out Sunday night.

It is going to be a busy few days.

Freaking Cardinals. They only had to win ONE GAME, just one, out of three, so we could call this baby our 'world series baby', since the world series starts Wednesday and the baby will be born in the middle of them. I mean, I guess he's a world series baby no matter which teams are in it, but I don't really care much about the world series if our home team isn't in it. I actually didn't have a great feeling about this year anyway, (not like last year), but still, since we made it into the playoffs and then kept winning, they got my hopes up. Also they have now ruined a lot of presents I planned to buy. Maybe next year. There are certainly much worse problems to have so I can't complain too much.


Brooke said...

Freaking Cardinals is right.

But yay for baby!

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