Friday, October 19, 2012


Today was rough.

It started last night as I was about to go to bed when the pitter patter of little feet running down the hallway got my attention. Luke had fallen asleep early and was awake just as I was about to go to bed. Ugh. And not only was he awake, he was WIDE AWAKE. I am not sure what time we FINALLY fell back to sleep, together in the recliner, I do know it was after an episode of Clifford the Big Red Dog and several episodes of Thomas the Train, and also well after 2 am. When Joe got up for work a couple hours later, I woke up from the recliner and laid Luke down so I could sleep without a kid on me for a little while. That was probably a big mistake because Luke woke up an hour or so later and was up for the day.It was still dark out.

I went online to make sure we had enough money in our bank account and to pay our bills when I noticed four purchases from Amazon that we did not make. I did buy a couple things in early October, just a small $26 order of 2 things I had already received. I have not been shopping much on Amazon lately because they keep quietly changing a lot of their policies-in a sneaky fashion that I don't like- to be less customer friendly. I knew I definitely did not make 4 more purchases there just this month...when I had Prime/free shipping, there have been months I probably did, but I don't anymore so I definitely don't routinely shop there online anymore.  The purchases were made on different days but near each other and were for different various amounts of under $200 total. If they had made them from a variety of places that we typically shop, I might not have even noticed. Joe never shops on Amazon and doesn't even have an account. I checked my Amazon account and the last order they had listed was the last thing I had bought early in the month, none of the 4 orders. I called Joe at work just to be sure he didn't order anything (Christmas presents, etc., which would be incredibly unlikely for him), he had not. So then I had the fun of calling our bank and Amazon.

The first person at our bank (USAA) was friendly and helpful, however, a little dumb. I asked if they should cancel my card and send me a new one, after the dispute stuff was filed, and she said, "Oh no. We have to wait for the dispute to process so they can refund your money back through your card." That sounded a little off to me but kinda made sense. She suggested I call Amazon as well. So I did that. They were also helpful although the first lady I talked to was a little annoying "Are you SURE you didn't have a large order that shipped separately so you are having separate charges?" Uh, yeah, I only ordered two things, for under $30 total, and they both arrived together and none of these things I supposedly ordered are anywhere in my order history. Then she asked if there was anyone else in our house who could have used my card on Amazon. Well, I'm pretty sure Luke is not quite THAT advanced yet, and Joe doesn't have an account on Amazon and if he did, wouldn't lie about it. I said, "theoretically my husband could have, but I asked him before calling and he hasn't. And he would have used his own card and/or my account because he doesn't even have an amazon account."  She transferred me to their fraud dept. and the guy was a lot more helpful. He asked if I knew someone named Randy, I said no, he said okay that they'll dispute the charges and I should call my bank to cancel my card as the info has been compromised and get a new card. I told him what the girl at the bank had said and he said that wasn't true at all. There shouldn't be any trouble getting our money back with a new card, the card is linked to our account, not the card number. Duh.

So in between that I'm taking care of Luke, feeding him lunch, he fell asleep in his high chair and I laid him down. I get back on the phone to USAA and the guy who answers is all, "well, if that's what the person from USAA told you, they know our banking system better than Amazon so I guess your card is okay. You won't be responsible for any fraudulant charges anyway, just keep an eye on your account." Dude, I'm having a baby in a week or less, I don't have time to babysit every transaction on our bank account when we KNOW someone else has the numbers and has been able to use it. But as I was about to just say okay and call back and talk to someone else, or let Joe deal with it, he asked why we are disputing the charges instead of going through the fraud department. The hell if I know! I told him I just told the first person there were charges on our account that we didn't make, then talked to Amazon, and that's what they did. So he decided to transfer me to the fraud department. As I am on hold with them, all of a sudden our house starts REEKING of gasoline and Luke wakes up completely spazzing out. He won't let me put him down, he is screaming and crying, he won't even let me sit down to hold him. He still hasn't calmed down when they answer the phone, I tried to talk to them for a second but then hung up because it was pointless, I couldn't hear them over Luke and couldn't calm down Luke and deal with it at the same time. And I was concerned about the gas smell and wondering if we needed to get out of there before our house exploded or something.

So I called my Mommy and told her as soon as she answered that our house was reeking of gas and I had no idea where it was coming from or if we should leave, Luke was being crazy clingy and screaming his head off, and someone stole my card info and was using it and my bank was being stupid. She was off today because they had long days on Wed and Thurs, and said she'd come over. This is why I love living 5 minutes away from them.

 She came over and fixed almost everything in like 10 minutes. Luke was still super clingy but eventually let her hold him without screaming his head off. We figured out that the gasoline smell
was coming from our dogs spilling a gas can that Joe left by the fence (long story, there's a good reason it was there- when we keep it in the garage, the smell reeks into the house, and Luke doesn't play in the backyard) and walking around in it and possibly rolling in it. Actually, when I say dogs, I really think it was just Koda our husky since the smell followed him especially. We opened windows, turned on fans, and made the dogs go outside in the drizzling rain and left them there. I called the bank back with Luke calm and this time managed to get someone who immediately said, "so we need to cancel your card and get you a new one" as soon as I explained what happened. Then we decided that since Luke was still REALLY tired (he had napped less than a half hour after being up most of the night), we would drive to get fast food for ourselves and let him fall asleep. It ended up taking a half hour of driving around to get the kid to fall asleep but FINALLY he did. We came back and I brought the dogs in the garage on leashes while Luke slept in the car, I have this waterless bath stuff for dogs so we wiped them down well with that and when they both passed the smell test let them back in the house. I went to get Luke out of the car just in time for him to wake up (he'd only been asleep for about 10-20 minutes.) Ugh. He was up for the rest of the afternoon. But the false charges will be fixed, I'm getting a new card (in forever! this is going to put a serious damper on my spending, not having a card, since we don't use other credit cards), our house no longer smells, our dogs are clean, and Luke is finally asleep. Mom's fix everything. I hate my dogs today. And I'm pretty sure this next c-section and hospital stay, even with a newborn, is going to seem like a vacation compared to days like this.

Joe worked late today and didn't get home till almost 6:30. When he did, I stuffed my face as quickly as possible with dinner and then went to sleep while he took care of Luke. I woke up feeling a lot better at 8 pm, only to find Joe and Luke together fast asleep on the couch. They went to Luke's bed soon after that and are all cuddled up together asleep now. Hopefully Luke will be so tired he'll sleep through the night tonight. My burst of energy is spent and I'm about to go crash in my bed which will be glorious. No snoring, clingy husband invading my sleep bubble (I seriously don't like to be touched while I'm sleeping, not even his arm around me, it feels suffocating...I need my space! Joe is cuddly and so is Luke so they pair up nicely.) No toddler flopping around all over me, trying to put his hands in my mouth because he thinks that's funny while I'm trying to sleep, knees and elbows poking into my gigantic belly, etc. Hopefully this will be a much better night.


Brooke said...

Lol. This post was too funny even though I know it wasn't funny at all while you were living it. So glad your mom could fix everything for you! I wish mine lived closer for that exact reason.

Kim said...

What a mess!! I am glad you got everything figured out, but what a pain!

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