Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Proud moment

A week ago or so, I ordered the Closetmaid cubical organizer thing for Luke's room. (It is pretty disappointing, just way too flimsy for a toddler room, IMO, (although Joe offered to fix it by putting some 2x4's along the back which would help a lot),  and is going to end up in one of the boy's closets after I get a more sturdy organizer from IKEA when we go to Chicago in a few weeks to see Thomas the Train.

Anyway, it was delivered to our doorstep yesterday (ordered online for the sale deal, plus 5% off on my Target card, plus 5% more off through Upromise. Bonus: telling Joe I am saving for the boys' college funds by online shopping.) It took me a couple of hours to put it together due to many distractions and interruptions by a certain 9 month old and 2 year old and their expectations to eat dinner.

Once it was put together, I lamented how unsturdy it was, but Luke followed me into his room and his little two year old face lit up. (Prior to this, the toys in his room had been thrown in a large plastic Rubbermaid tub so this is a step up for sure.) He looked at me and patted one of the cubbies and said "Book!" "Book!" Then he ran into the living room, grabbed a few of his books from our built in bookshelf, and started stacking them up. He came back and forth a few more times until he was satisfied with his stack.

The cubicals.

A closer look at his stack of books, I will reorganize them later :) And his adorable backpack

Sidenote: We did NOT paint his room that awful bright yellow color. (It is tampered down in this picture, way worse in real life.) We were just too lazy to mess with it since this was the spare room/office until Matthew came along and Luke only just recently started sleeping in his own room and still isn't in there very much. (He was sleeping in bed with Joe while Matthew and I held down the fort in the living room, super romantic. But then he wasn't sleeping through the night there either, anyway, so I said what the heck, if he's going to wake up looking for me at 3 am, he can at least start out in his own bed...so he does.)  Anyway, the previous owners not only picked a color we really don't love, they did a horrible job painting (like skipped the inside of the closet entirely...and before the yellow apparently it was a weird bright green color...) The previous owners also put up some basic white wall shelves, except the dumbasses never attached them to wall studs, and a few weeks ago the shelves came crashing down, thank god not on Luke's head. Guess what they also didn't paint? The wall underneath where they installed the shelves, so now there are bright green stripes on the wall under where they hung the shelves. So, I'm thinking painting his room is in my near future.


Brooke said...

I love that he wanted to put books on it! And yay for painting rooms (much easier said than done, I know).

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