Monday, December 20, 2010

18 weeks

Today is 18 weeks.

It seems like every week we get closer to the 23/24 mark, my anxiety doubles.

My current worry is that I don't feel rainbow baby moving as much the last few days as I have in previous weeks. (Last week I worried about amniotic fluid levels, convinced Joe and myself I was having braxton hicks contractions every few minutes of course in the middle of an ice storm, and probably a few other things.) I know my doctors aren't going to be especially concerned about movement at this point, because I'm not really supposed to be feeling consistent movement already, anyway. It just sucks because I *was* feeling consistent movement (a lot in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon, and a lot late at night)...My saving graces are that I just had an ultrasound 3 days ago and *know* he is doing just fine, thriving even, and ridiculously active. And our doppler is getting more use than it ever got in the first trimester. I could go an entire week or two without using the doppler then. Now it's more like every couple days, and sometimes twice a day if he's been really quiet.

Besides that, everything is continuing to go well. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and meet my doctor's new partner then.


Tiffany said...

it's funny how our minds operate after experiencing such a profound loss. *sigh* hoping everything continues to go well. and wishing you more moments of peace and tranquility. ((hugs))

rebecca said...

Hope the appointment tomorrow goes well and you receive some more reassurance. So hard to turn the worry off after suffering such a devastating loss. I know its going to be a very long nine months for me too! Wishing you peace & comfort ((hugs))

MrsH said...

All I can say is I wish you steady nerves. It is a tough situation. Use the doppler if it helps, and spend time feeling the movements every day. It is the only thing you have, and perhaps it will make you feel more at ease. And allow yourself to be nervous, please, you have every right to be!

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