Tuesday, December 7, 2010

16 wks belly pics + quad screen

I had the quad screen bloodwork done yesterday morning. Now we wait nervously for the results, which can take as many as 7-10 days. (This is the bloodwork that first came back bad with Olivia.) I have to call my OB's office on Friday for other reasons, and so I'll definitely ask if they are back yet then. And if not, I'll call again Monday before my high risk appointment because we'll definitely want to discuss it either way if they are.  I'm a bit terrified and regretting doing the bloodwork now that it's all done. My high risk doctor warned us that doing this test could be like opening Pandora's box and she was fine with us skipping it- good results aren't exactly totally good because they are no guarantee I won't get sick, and bad results...we can't really do anything to fix. Still, I think I'll ultimately be glad we did it, I'd go crazy wondering if not and wishing we had done it.

So, I can't figure out how to get blogger to let me put the images side by side so this will have to do. I'm in the pink shirt for 16 weeks, the striped for 15 weeks.

It doesn't seem like I'm that much bigger this week. Also, surprisingly even to me, I had to get weighed yesterday for the quad screen, and I haven't actually gained weight this pregnancy yet. It probably helps that I lost a few amidst the first trimester ick, so I probably have gained just not a net pregnancy gain yet. In any case, I'm happy about it, I had expected that I'd gained several given my expanding stomach. And, we're pretty sure that there's just one baby in there, our ultrasound techs are pretty good and always take pictures of everything-placenta, ovaries, etc. and would not likely miss an extra baby.  I know I'm awfully big for 16     weeks, let's hope that there's a ginormous baby in there.


Tyggereye said...

I hope they get back to you soon about the results. I can imagine it was a very hard decision whether to have the test done. To know or not to know. Or to know and not necessarily have it mean anything. I mean if it comes back a little off it doesn't have to mean bad right? I hope it comes back completely normal and it puts your mind to rest a little bit. I hope you are putting up your feet, drinking some nice warm soothing tea and having a good day! *hugs*

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