Saturday, December 11, 2010

Quad screen results are in

(If you missed the gender reveal, go back a post.

When I called my OB's office to see if they had finally received my labs from the high risk ob's office, (they had), I asked if my quad screen results happened to be back yet. They were! And she said, "They are negative! Woo hoo!" (Seriously, she said woo hoo.) Just to make sure I was understanding correctly, "You mean it's normal?" "Yes! Normal!"

I had her fax the results to my high risk doctor who I'll see Monday and harass her for more details. (Exactly how normal is it?)

We've already been forewarned that this does not mean I won't get sick and this does not *necessarily* mean this time will be better. But, for now, we're taking it as fantastic news until we have a new reason to worry (which will come up soon enough.) 


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