Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Field of Cradles

We were lucky to participate in a preeclampsia awareness and memorial exhibit which just recently  opened to the public after lots of hard work from some very special people. From the website ( ) they created:

I Gave You Words / Field Of Cradles

About the Exhibit

Many of us have heard the word preeclampsia, but not everyone – even some expecting mothers – knows what it is. Yet, one in 12 pregnancies are affected by this life-threatening disorder for mother and baby. Any woman, regardless of age, race and even general health, can suffer from it. Worldwide preeclampsia is a leading cause of maternal and neonatal death. Because all pregnancies are at risk, the best defense against the worst outcomes is to ensure that all women understand and appropriately respond to the warning signs of preeclampsia.
This public art exhibit aims to increase public awareness of PREECLAMPSIA and its signs and symptoms by honoring and remembering the lives of the many thousands of babies lost each year to this condition.

23 families from throughout the USA have shared words about their babies and experiences with writer Susannah Pabot, herself a survivor of preeclampsia. Together with the families, Susannah created poetic messages that are displayed inside empty cradles on baby blankets. Side by side, these messages tell a story of the devastation left in the wake of preeclampsia, but also remind us that each tiny life lost was that of a little person who was here, who was loved, whose life mattered and always will.

The baby blankets were individually designed and knitted by Alyssa Fu and Eliza Squibb in colors the mothers associate with their babies. The cradles are designed by Rebecca Lee and produced with the generous assistance of Bud Saggal of Precision Laser Inc, Pawtucket, RI.

The exhibition's sound environment, which includes recordings of the poetic messages to the babies as well as three lullabies written for the exhibit by singer Amy Robbins-Wilson (, was composed by Ling Zhou. Members of the Brown and Providence communities read and provided voiceovers for the recorded texts.

Pictures of the cradle in honor of Olivia:

(I love how the blanket says butterfly along the bottom- very nice touch)

To see more pictures and/or slideshow of the exhibit with the music mentioned above, more information on pre-eclampsia, the exhibit schedule (which is unfortunately only on the east coast as far as I know), and/or to donate, please see the website .

(The pictures and text about the exhibit are not from me, hopefully they don't mind my blatant plagiarism.)


Anonymous said...

Some of the pictures I took on the day of the first exhibit in late May, 2011. I am glad you like them and posted them. Since I live close by I was lucky to be able to see the exhibit. I tried to capture all blankets and cradles and spent time with each cradle,each poem, thinking of all the babies, mothers and dads.
Julija (Sam10) - from the PE forums.

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