Wednesday, June 22, 2011

cloth diapers and mostly pictures

So I made my first cloth diaper purchases and am prepping them to try out tomorrow (we're trying out flips and econobums after a ridiculous number of hours of research).  I only bought enough for maybe a full day, just to see how I like them, if it goes well then we'll get more. (I'll buy enough for 2-3 days so I don't have to wash them every day.) I have 4 covers and 8 inserts and really should mainly just need to buy more inserts. Inserts are like the baby cloth diaper equivalent of maxipads, they even make disposable options (which are crazy overpriced), so you usually can use the same cover without washing it every dirty diaper, just change the insert and put in a clean one, put it in the cover, snap the diaper on, and there we go. So far, I'm impressed with them, they seem thick and absorbant and soft, so hopefully it goes well. (Laundry should be easy while he is breastfed only because everything dissolves in water, so you just rinse in washer, wash, and dry, basically. It will get slightly more work when he's eating other food but we'll cross that bridge later.) I'm told that cloth wipes are just as easy but I'm trying to venture into just one thing at a time. The good news is that the resale value is nearly the same price as buying them new, so if this doesn't work out, I can resell them and we won't be out a lot of money, but hopefully it works out.

Now for pictures as promised:
 Unhappy baby 7 weeks old and one of my fave outfits (that we did not buy), too bad I waited so long to put it on him because he probably won't fit in it again.)

He's getting more hair and plenty of baby fat. Also, he looks more like my sister,dad, and brother than Joe or me. Hard to believe this is the same kid who earned us an extra day/night in the hospital for losing too much weight, don't think we have to worry about that anymore. (I'm a little worried that his pedi is going to say he's getting too big and stop feeding him so much, because I don't want to make him obese but I also feel like a hungry baby should be fed, blech.) I think he mainly looks like a healthy chubby baby but I know I'm biased.

I can grab dangly things! (Maybe on accident but it sure looks intentional.)

Another outfit I loved but it was a pain. Collars+neckless babies= annoying

And these would be the 0-24 month sunglasses. At first he was bewildered, then he turned his head and the sunglasses stayed plastered to the side of his head so the strap was across his face and that ticked him off.

And this was tonight:

Please disregard all the crap on the end table. All 3 of the boys in the family napping. Yes, Koda likes to sleep under the recliner when it's reclined, and yes, he's had it shut on him accidentally a couple of times, awhile ago, so he moves pretty fast out of the way when he senses movement. This is Lucas's favorite way to sleep though he's gotten a lot better about sleeping in the rock n play which hopefully won't give him a flat head.

Koda moved but made sure he'd still be in the picture, neither Joe or the baby even stirred (though i did turn off the flash.) Now I'm just hoping I won't be paying for their 3 hour evening nap in the middle of the night.) I did finally take the baby and wake him up with a diaper change (oh did that tick him off, not that I blame him but it was necessary) and fed him for a few minutes before he fell back to sleep.

Anyway, that is all for now. I may not have time to blog for the next couple of weeks because we need to get our house clean for my sister to come stay with our dogs while we are on vacation, plus getting ready to go on vacation is a bit daunting, so I may be MIA for a bit.


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