Sunday, September 25, 2011

Stories of hope and perseverance

I started following Courtney's blog about the time she became pregnant with her rainbow baby after losing twin boys due to pre-e/HELLP around 22ish weeks if I remember correctly.  And I was so excited when she passed the 22 week milestone with no sign of trouble. And then disaster struck, and baby Wyatt was born much too soon at 23 weeks and passed away. (This was about the time we were struggling to get pregnant.) As if that wasn't enough for one couple to deal with, they also suffered from infertility and needed IVF/donor eggs from her sister to conceive. After they lost Wyatt, they had to go through another full IVF cycle which resulted in a chemical pregnancy. At long last, Courtney and Jason welcomed their fourth baby boy, Carter Evan a few days ago at 38 weeks. No pre-eclampsia or HELLP or anything else went wrong. I'm always very excited to hear about a rainbow baby being born, but there are no words to describe how happy I am for them.

Another blog that is incredibly inspiring and also heartbreaking is another Courtney at EB'ing a Mommy. Courtney's son Tripp was born with a rare and incredibly painful skin disorder called EB (which stands for something else). It basically causes his skin to blister whenever it is touched, so his body has to be wrapped up to protect him and things like baths and teething are extremely difficult. Tripp was not expected to live beyond his first year, but he is now two. If you are the praying type, Courtney and Tripp could surely use them.

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