Thursday, September 29, 2011

Olivia's birthday

It's hard to find the words for yesterday. I started a few different blog posts and erased them, so maybe we'll try pictures instead.

It was a beautiful day. Just like last year. I bought the same happy birthday butterfly balloon and the same heart balloon as last year (but this year decided to write on it), and this year added a pink flower balloon. One for each of us.

 And Lucas was dressed for the occasion but totally uncooperative for pictures, he was fascinated by grass.

Actually, Lucas is a mellow happy baby most of the time overall but yesterday he was especially cooperative (with the exception of pictures and then at bedtime he'd fall asleep for 5 minutes, wake up when I put him in bed, and then was wide awake chattering away like it was the middle of the day. Finally I put him on the floor to play and let him wear himself out.) I was concerned about trying not to cry in front of him much since he's not quite as oblivious now, that was a failure, but luckily he didn't seem concerned about it.

 We left flowers, and broke the rules again this year and left a little doll and winnie the pooh figurine (last year they let the stuff we left stay for almost a year- technically since its a national cemetery "stuff" is against the rules but they tend to let it slide if it is subtle and plus Olivia's grave faces away from the street).

Then we released the balloons (Lucas participated)
I had my eye out for butterflies, but there weren't any. No animals or insects of any kind, but strangely enough, right after the balloons were out of sight, a big orange butterfly flew quickly across the street, past us, and was gone...too quick for me to get a picture and even Joe nearly missed it because it came and went so quickly. If I hadn't been looking around, I would have missed it too.

Then we stopped by the angel/park on the way home (this is where we will be back next week for Lucas's early 6 month pictures- fingers crossed the weather cooperates)

 The angel always accumulates lots of stuff.

We added a baby doll and teddy bear and another winnie the pooh figure to the collection.

And a flower to Olivia's brick,

More uncooperative baby pictures (but at least he's smiling).

I had to go to the bathroom and when I walked back up to Joe and Lucas, this butterfly practically flew into me. (It looks a lot like the same butterfly at the cemetery but I'm sure it isn't since they are 20ish miles apart.)
Then we came home and ate cupcakes. They had sprinkles and tinkerbell on them.  Joe and I went through her memory box and cried a lot more while Lucas played and laughed at us.

It was a nice day, for what it was. We received so many nice messages and texts and emails, and even an incredibly nice and unexpected card. That definitely made the hard day a little easier. But it was definitely still sad and hard and draining. It also definitely helped to have Lucas to squeeze a little extra tightly, poor kid. Although I think being pregnant with him for Olivia's first birthday forced me to keep it together a bit more and this year I tried but really couldn't.

Happy birthday, baby girl.


Tiffany said...

that last pic gave me such chills. so much love and sadness expressed in that one shot.

i'm sorry that yesterday was anything other than a normal day for you all. but it did warm my heart to see Olivia's little bro helping to celebrate his big sis' life.

♥ Olivia ♥

Addi's mom said...

I love all of the things you did for your girl on her birthday <3

Anonymous said...

Happy Bleated Birthday sweet Olivia...

Kim said...

It looks like you had a memorable celebration of Olivia's birthday. She is so precious. Thank you for your comment, I will be emailing you.

Jenny said...

I'm so late in replying to this, but I am pleased that it was such a good day for you. I am dreading the coming of Mallory's first birthday in just a few weeks, so it's reassuring to see that you manage to honour your beautiful Olivia in such a beautiful way.

MrsH said...

Happy Birthday Olivia, even though I am a little late :). I love your balloon ritual, and I love your pictures. You guys look awesome. I also absolutely love the picture of you and Olivia. She is so tiny and loveable, my heart breaks for our little ones, I have been looking at pictures of Adrian as well. I will post one on October 15 I think.

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