Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas in pictures/video

(These are not all his presents, they are all the presents in general- we actually only gave him a couple.)

Here he is "helping" me wrap presents, the night before Christmas Eve.

"walking" with my dad on Christmas Eve

2 of many Olivia ornaments, Lucas's only ornament so far. (For a moment I felt guilty that we have 5 or so Olivia ornaments and only one for Lucas, but then I realized it's our third Christmas without Olivia and only our first with Lucas, he'll catch up.)
(I never did find stockings I liked for Lucas and Olivia, then found the last 2 super cheap the day before xmas eve . I've since had a much much nicer Lucas stocking made by pottery barn kids after xmas with his name on it, they were out of the angel stocking that I plan to have made with Olivia's name next year. I made Joe's stocking our first year of marriage, pretty pathetic, I found the Santa and reindeer as a suction cup window decoration, took the suction cup off it, glued it with fabric glue to the plain red stocking, then put his name on it with glitter glue/paint. It has held up amazingly well, I'd say.)


Brooke said...

Lol. I love how Lucas is way more into the tree than the present! Such a cutie. Your Olivia ornaments are really sweet, and I like that you have a stocking for her, too.

SG said...

What a handsome little guy you have there :)

Jenny said...

I love that you keep a stocking for Olivia. I'm not crafty, but my mom is and she was planning to make a stocking for our new bub. I think I'll ask her to make one for Mallory as well. Such a beautiful way to make her part of the holiday. It was our first xmas with one living child and one no longer living and I really struggled with how to handle it. It is difficult to celebrate one child while lamenting the loss of the other. Thank you for sharing the photos of your beautiful man and your Christmas. <3

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