Thursday, July 12, 2012

God bless you

On Tuesday, Luke and I went on a store run to pick up a few groceries and misc. crap.  Luke has recently decided that he is 100% against being strapped in high chairs and carts. Thankfully he is MUCH better about going in the carseat most of the time- my new minivan seems to help with that, I think he can maybe see out the window better or I don't know. Whatever the deal is, all of a sudden he stopped the wrestling matches to get him buckled in the car which is freaking AWESOME considering it is July and wrestling a (screaming and surprisingly strong) 14 month old in his car seat when I am 21 wks pregnant and it is 108 degrees outside is really not my idea of a good time. So anyway, I guess the trade off of carseat compliance is noncompliance elsewhere.
So anyway, I immediately wrestled him into the cart and got him strapped in. Which made him scream but it was short lived because thankfully he is easily redirected with a 1-year old attention span. But about 10 minutes in, he decided to try to stand up (which he can always manage to do once he decides that's the plan, no matter how tight we get the strap), well this time I managed to get it so he couldn't stand up, but he did get his chubby leg wedged up which looked really uncomfortable and was making him mad. So I unbuckled the strap for half a second to free his leg and he pounced on that second to stand up and be carried. I thought I was almost done so tried to shop carrying him for a few minutes but ugh, that's exhausting. So back in the cart he goes, screaming and stiffening his body to thwart my plans, but I managed to get him strapped back in and entertained him by handing him a box of applesauce pouches. Happy again, babbling away and people watching.
As we were shopping, an older woman started talking to Luke and then me, asking how old he is, the usual stuff. (Thankfully not if he was the first or how many. I think people just assume in the summer when you are out over the summer with a young child in the middle of the day that it's the only.) Then she eyed me, "And you are expecting another one?" (Yep, guess it's obvious now for sure.)

I said yes but didn't offer anymore info because talking to random strangers in stores is not my idea of a blast and it can get into dangerous territory quickly when you have had your first baby die and are pregnant ("so you are due soon?" type crap.)

Surprisingly, she smiled at me and said, "Oh. It will be hard at first but so much fun when they are older! God bless you." And then she said, "I can tell you are a good mom because he's so laidback sitting there so nicely." (Hahaha.) I laughed and told her a few minutes before he had been screaming his displeasure about sitting in the cart, but thanks. She smiled and again said, "God bless you." and we pretty much parted ways. Somehow it rubbed off on me as a "glad it's not me/good luck" comment, which we haven't gotten too much of yet. I also sometimes kind of feel like I need to point out that we did this on purpose (although at least once or twice a day I wonder what we were thinking, usually when Luke's having a big fit). I know it's going to be hard. And I know we are super lucky.


Kim said...

It will all be worth it! My friend has 2 kids that are 14 months apart and she loves it:) You ARE a good mom so you will be great! There are always struggles no matter how many kids and what age, but that's the sacrifice we make being parents.

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