Monday, July 30, 2012

Finally done! Fickle 15 months, and viability week.

Just finished my last final today. My other 2 classes were extremely successful (as in my final grades were over 100...god bless community college and their extra credit.) My final today, I didn't need to do very well on to earn an A, so I didn't study, grade has not yet been posted but I'm pretty certain I pulled it off.

This concludes my pre-reqs- EVERYTHING- for the sonography program with the small exception that I need to pass a math test in lieu of taking college algebra again. I'm planning to start studying for that over the next couple weeks. It's been 10 years (!) since I took college algebra so I'm definitely rusty, but I did get an A and I'm fairly sure I can pull it off. If not, I'll try to get put on the waiting list anyway and take it online in the winter semester...which I would really rather not do.

Luke had his 15 month appointment Friday. He was in a bad mood and cried for most of it. But otherwise, he's right on track and doing very well. He has about 7 words, "hi" (saved for rare occasions like at 5 am when I'm sleeping), "bye", "that", "dog", "ma", "da", "stop" (my mom swears he's said this, now that I think of it, I say it a lot, so not that surprising), he has stopped saying "bad" to dogs in lieu of "dog" and "that", but bad used to be his favorite word so it apparently counts.  He's 27 pounds of gigantic baby (82%ile) and 33.75 inches (97%ile for height), so apparently it's not our imagination- the kid is tall. Last time his weight had dropped to like 50-something % when it has always been between 70's-90's before, so our ped was actually happy it came back up.

This is a tough age. It was my least favorite age group out of all of them when I worked in daycare. They are old enough to have their own Opinions, about almost everything, but too young to really be reasoned with or discipline much. Luke can go from a happy, laughing kid one minute, to pointing "that" at a bag of veggie chips..and no, he doesn't want A chip or a handful of chips, he wants to walk around with the entire bag. I try giving him a cup or ziplock bag with several chips, but that's not what he wanted "that!" bag of chips...cue throwing body on the floor and screaming because man oh man, we are cruel. We are averaging 2 or 3 meltdowns a day.

I reached the 24 week mark Friday. My back had been doing really really well considering how much I have to pick up Luke, but the last few days it's called uncle and has been hurting pretty bad. I'm probably just going to have to tough it out because I can't not change his diaper or put him in the carseat or whatever. I am trying to limit it though. Other than my back, (which honestly, is impressive that I made it this far without it hurting), nothing suspicious or dramatic to report. The baby moves a lot when Luke is laying draped across me and Luke is pretty much oblivious to it other than he has a fascination for looking at my belly.  So I guess we need to really start getting ready for this baby soon. We just had another name disagreement in the car, where Joe ruled out ALL names that start with a B, if we are going to use the middle name Joseph, because of the initials. I think that's dumb. So we will probably be naming this kid in the hospital.


Kim said...

So wonderful that you are done with your pre-reqs! Now on to the fun stuff!! Glad Luke's appt went well, he such a doll! That stinks about your back, I hope you can get enough rest. Good luck with the naming:)

Addi's mom said...

Good job smarty pants! It's amazing to me that you are doing so well in school while dealing with your busy guy and pregnancy and everything else!

As far as the naming thing goes...I have to side with your B names for first are too cruel with teasing! Hoping you find something you can agree on soon!

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