Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lots of Luke pictures

So these days, Luke likes climbing.

This probably was a bad idea to buy him. We thought it was being smart, giving him something appropriate to climb on, and while he does LOVE it, and spends a lot of time on it every day (why yes, it is in living room), it actually seems to have encouraged his climbing in general. (This picture is not recent, like April.) He also manages to find and hide all sorts of interesting things in there. If we are missing the remote or keys or a cell phone, we check in there first.

Also still a huge fan of all dogs. He especially adores tormenting our husky as often as he can, including climbing in the dog crate with him (which is big enough for both of them, comfortably, although we always pull Luke out much to his annoyance.) He is not used to dogs that aren't his size or bigger, and he is fearless around them.

We are into everything, all the time. Guess who found some ketchup and decided to help himself to a snack?

Visiting Olivia on Mother's day. (Yeah, it's been a long time since I've uploaded pictures!)

 Fridge magnets are a favorite toy.

And ravioli is a favorite food. (Bonus is he gets a bath after eating it, and he loves baths.)

We went to the zoo a couple weeks ago, when it was "only" 97 degrees out.

(Looking at the monkeys)

Watching the prarie dogs with Joe.

The new sea lion exhibit

Trying to escape.

(Disclaimers: Joe is responsible for this, I was in the bathroom. And there was no way he was squeezing his body through there, that was as close as he got. And there were no animals or exhibits on the other side of that fence, it was just a purely decorative area with plants.)
Clapping his approval for the prarie dogs.

Sweaty boys cooling off in the penguin hosue before we decided to leave.

And then last night we were going to go to my brother's baseball game, except it got canceled. We were only 2 minutes away by the time my dad called me to tell me it was canceled (a scheduling error, they had no umpires, so all the teams and everyone showed up and they didn't know it was canceled till game time.) I decided to just go and let Luke play on the playground for awhile anyway, until it got too dark or he got too tired or the mosquitos got bad. It got dark before he got tired.

Climbing up the slide. (Last week he climbed this slide on his own. But his shoes yesterday were too slippery for it and plus my dad is way too neurotic to even let him try.)

I also have a bunch of short videos...

Playing with my family's very old dog on the 4th of July.

Making a phone call. (He always puts phones/remotes/electronics on his shoulder like that to "talk")

Playing last night. Most of our playground fun is running up and down the ramp.

Okay that's all!


Brooke said...

If you could bottle and sell some of his energy, you would make millions. What a cutie.

SG said...

What a sweetie! I love his teeth :)

Kim said...

Oh my gosh, he is so big! Adorable as usual!

Lopa said...

Nice to see you Angie, after so many days since the mercy meeting. Your kiddo looks adorable!

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