Thursday, August 23, 2012

28 weeks

The last couple weeks have pretty much been a blur, but I guess that's this pregnancy + life with a toddler. I am 28 weeks Friday, which is just crazy to me, that it has gone so quickly, that I have made it so far uneventfully again (err, disregarding that whole infected dog bite/hand fiasco). This was my OB's major goal for me when I was pregnant with Luke, which doesn't seem like much of a goal for a lot of people I guess but when you've had to deliver at 23 weeks, every extra week you get is a huge blessing and can make a huge difference for the baby's well-being. So hooray for 28 weeks!

In a quick nutshell:

Last week I had 2 dr appointments (no more lovenox- hooray!) and an ultrasound (all good), cleaned my house like a mad person, packed us up for Chicago, we drove there Wednesday, spent 1 full day / 2 nights in a hotel, drove back Friday morning. Then Saturday and Sunday we had birthday parties.

By this Monday I was sick with a bad cold and Luke was super crabby, by Tuesday we were both sick and miserable, luckily by Wednesday I was feeling a ton better even though Luke was still pretty sick, today we are finally both mostly better. I finally got around to taking my 1 hour glucose test this morning. (I didn't have time to deal with it the week before when we were getting ready/going to Chicago. I meant to do it Monday but then was sick.) I'm not too optimistic that I passed so trying to enjoy as many carbs tonight as I can. Also yesterday we found out that the HR person at Joe's work made a huge mistake that is most likely going to cost us around $5000 that we were not expecting to be paying, and it's probably also going to screw up our taxes for the year. So, it hasn't been the greatest of weeks, but it's bound to get better sometime soon.

Chicago was fun. Luke really liked seeing all the fish in the aquarium, though I don't think we'll go back there again. It was way too crowded with a lot of bitchy workers. Luke wasn't really any more impressed with the bigger water animals than he was with the regular aquariums of fish. (I mean, granted, they were pretty and everything, but we could have taken him to a pet store for the same effect.) It was AWESOME to see my friend Maggie though and we almost managed to convince her to come live in our basement and be our nanny. She hasn't seen Luke since last October so he's changed a lot and probably didn't remember her, but he warmed up to her pretty quickly and she carried him around the aquarium for us which was really nice. (Most of the aquariums were too high for him to see very well from the stroller.) By the time we got back, my feet were insanely swollen from all of the walking (and probably crazy cleaning in the days before). Luckily that seems to be better now. The drive was easy and went really well. Luke slept for half of it, and then watched Blue's Clues on the portable dvd player my parents loaned us, the rest of the drive. I read a couple trashy books and we discussed baby names and got nowhere.

Some pictures:
Blowing a kiss while playing outside at the hotel after the 5 hr drive

Luke's first train ride

Bed hogs- we had a king size bed
Luke's first train ride, sitting by daddy

Are you done taking pictures yet? I'm trying to eat my granola bar in peace!

Luke and Maggie- I couldn't use my flash so this was one of the few "decent" pictures I got of them.
Looking at fish

Watching beluga whales and waiting for the dolphin show

Reading an Elmo book on the train ride back


Anonymous said...

It really was so very fantastic to see you guys. yo, in that last picture you can totally see the kid Luke is going to grow up and look like. It's crazy!!

Kim said...

Looks like fun! Yay to 28 weeks and no more lovenox!

*Laura Angel said...

He looks so much like you! Keep trucking along! Almost there!

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