Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter 2013

Last Easter, Luke was only 11 months, he was taking a step here and there I think but not really walking entirely on his own yet and definitely too little to get most of the Easter stuff. We did go dye eggs.
My baby! Easter 2012

Same baby, same place, Easter 2013`

Oh, how fast they grow.

Anyway, he was a little excited about egg dyeing last year but there wasn't much else about Easter that he really got. This year he was TOTALLY into it and kept saying "Again" "again" after every egg.

We decided to try a community Easter egg hunt the Saturday before Easter. It was at a park near us, was free, and had the Easter bunny and face painting too. I had a feeling after our Santa experience that the Easter bunny was not going to go over that well so I didn't want to bother going to the Bass Pro Shop or the mall to stand in line/pay for pictures. (Bass Pro Shop gives you a free picture but it's pretty packed.)

Anyway, we got there, "registered", stood in line for the bunny.

Waiting in line

Why are we outside so early?

Watching the bunny, not sure about this...

Luke was not impressed with the bunny....this was the "best" picture, disregard how crappy I look.
Nope, not going to happen! Note Matthew snoozing in the stroller next to us
 Anyway, once that was over, Luke was not too impressed with the face painting either, even after I had a rainbow painted on my hand, which was just as well because by the time that was done it was time to line up for the actual egg hunt. They were well organized and divided kids up by ages. Luke was with 3 and under which allowed a parent to go with them. They had PLENTY of eggs out, also, although perhaps in the future they should consider which eggs they are throwing in which areas (or at least the 3 and under area), b/c almost all of Luke's eggs had Jolly Ranchers in them, not really toddler-friendly candy, but it was fun anyway. My mom told us we should have "practiced" with Luke before so he would know what to do. HA. I stood there and told him, "See those eggs? Go pick them up and put them in your basket." He stood there looking at them while we were waiting for them to say go and I had to hold him back from starting.

Holding him back
The first egg

I think he figured it out without "practice"

"There it is!"

Then we came home and he decorated Matthew's face

And that evening we dyed easter eggs with Kool Aid which did not turn out as well as I'd hoped

Easter bunny brought a balance bike (part of his bday present from us too, I just didn't want to wait another month to give it to him while it's nice out), bubbles, and Hot Wheels for Luke, and an activity seat and some new car seat dangly toys for Matthew.

This rattle looks yummy

The boys Easter morning

Matthew is teething I think

We made it out to the cemetery and left flowers at Olivia's grave. Both boys slept in the car-that was Luke's only nap for the day- so we left them in with the doors open while we went to her grave which is only a few feet away. Luke woke up as we were leaving:

We had egg hunts at our house, my parents, and both of my gandparents' houses, he loved it every time and was the only kid there besides Matthew. Not even for the candy factor but just finding them and collecting them. After the last one was over my brother would sneak one out of his basket and throw it when Luke wasn't looking and Luke would go get it over and over again as enthusiastic as ever. Suffice it to say he LOVED Easter and it was so much fun to watch.

Easter is always a tough holiday for me without our little girl here. As we were leaving the cemetery I said to Joe, "I wonder how different Luke would be now if he had his big sister here". The first time I had pondered that one, which is a moot point because she isn't here, and if she had been, we most likely would not have Luke. So these sort of questions always end up going nowhere and yet I do wonder.

Anyway, even missing Olivia, this Easter was definitely the best since she died.


Brooke said...

I know just what you mean about Easter being bittersweet, and about always wondering. It's hard, but sometimes so much more than others.

I love the picture of Matthew with stickers all over his face. Too funny.

There ARE some kids who seem bewildered by Easter egg hunts--I think Luke is just very advanced for his age. :)

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