Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Oh my heart.

All of a sudden, Luke has gotten much more helpful with Matthew.  I cleaned our carpet (ugh-new floors coming soon, I can't wait!) yesterday and haven't put everything back together yet.

 Matthew was in the Rock N Play getting fussy so I said to Luke, "I think your brother wants to play on the floor."

 And without saying anything, Luke walks to the back of the room and gets Matt's floor gym and drags it to the middle of the floor where he usually plays.

 I said, "Oh THANK YOU! That was so nice!" and Luke replies, "Welcome, Matt."

It's not all cuteness and light, Matt has been conked on the head with the remote a few times, Luke was letting him chew on his finger yesterday which was not necessarily clean, etc. etc. etc. but there are more and more moments that are so so sweet.

If you are on my FB, you have probably seen this video already, but Luke makes Matthew laugh pretty regularly these days:



Kim said...

Oh they are too darn sweet!! I must have missed this...precious!

Brooke said...

That is SOO cute. Love that Luke is a little helper.

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