Friday, April 26, 2013

The many faces of Matthew

Hard to believe my baby is 6 months old already. He is so stinking cute when he is happy. He loves his exersaucer. Still sleeping in the rock n play at night. (Ugh, I know that's not going to last much longer. Maybe next week we'll work on it.) NOT sleeping through the night. I have not started solids yet and honestly might wait a few more weeks because he doesn't seem like he 'needs' them or is particularly ready like Luke did by this time. (Or maybe this time I remember how much of a pain in the butt it is and just don't want to deal with it.)

In the 'mother of the year' files, I FINALLY got around to ordering his birth announcements today. I know. That's awful. I only even did it so our family would have newborn pictures of him and I can put one in his baby book (and pretend like they went out like normal..) To be fair, our photographer had a complicated pregnancy and I didn't get his newborn pictures back until after Christmas. By that point, he was 3 months old and so I wasn't sure how to go about sending them/giving them out and then life got/stayed busy and I just didn't think much about it. Since we are having Luke's birthday party on Sunday and some of our extended family will be there, that seems like a good time to give them to a few people. I only printed 20, and only printed them from Walgreens. Poor "second" child. Next up, I should probably work on making his room not saying 'Lucas' above the almost never slept in crib.

Anyway, Matthew smiles and laughs a lot. He loves sitting up in his exersaucer and watching everyone and everything around him. He loves everything Luke does, most especially when Luke offers him a finger to chew on. He is constantly chewing on his hands these days and I expect a tooth any day now if he doesn't already have one started that I've missed. He strictly adheres to a 7 pm bedtime no matter where we are or what is going on around him, he starts getting fussy and CONKS out at 7pm. It is funny since Luke was/is never that predictable and we don't really have much of a routine yet. He is up bright and early around 6ish plus once or twice in the night to eat. He can sit on his own but still a bit wobbly. We put him in the high chair and he thought that was pretty awesome, Luke did not look thrilled about it. He is very particular about me being in the room or near him, most of the time, and is going through a clingy phase that is tough.  He is nowhere near crawling and doesn't really roll over that much (probably because we don't give him nearly enough floor time, it's harder to give him floor time with Luke always underfoot swinging toys around and stuff.)

Anyway, I took several pictures of him today while he was happy in the exersaucer and then couldn't decide which one I like the best:


Brooke said...

He is SOOO cute.

And his eyelashes are unreal.

Kim said...

He is sooo handsome!

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