Monday, January 24, 2011

23 weeks, phone call to OB #4

 Today officially makes 23 weeks. I'll start with the good news:

Blood pressure- still normal (or normal enough, almost always under 120/80 though both numbers seem to be creeping closer to 120/80 more often than not, but my blood pressure machine always runs a little higher than the office readings anyway.)

Swelling- none, it turns out my fingers are just fat.

Pain and heartburn-None lately (thankfully)! My back hurt much more in the first trimester than it ever does now. Weird.

Baby- Moving often, kicks seem like they are a lot harder, and my belly does seem like it's getting bigger and bigger. I feel pretty good that his growth will still be right on track for our ultrasound next Tuesday, that's what we're praying for anyway.

The bad:

Inexplicably, yesterday afternoon, I started feeling a bit lightheaded and dizzy. Not so bad that I couldn't walk or stumbled, but enough that I just felt off. Like I'd had a couple of drinks and was a bit buzzed/tipsy. We still went to the angel and picked up a few groceries and then ate dinner. My blood pressure was still normal, but nothing made it go away. Not eating something sugary, not eating in general, and not laying down (on my left side). It lasted about 8 hours or so, basically until I fell asleep for the night. It wasn't bad enough that I thought it warranted calling a doctor on a Sunday, especially with the baby acting normal and my blood pressure normal, but it was annoying and slightly troubling.

This morning I woke up feeling normal. I did a few things around the house but nothing strenuous. I ate normally. And around 1 or 2 this afternoon, the feeling came back. I took my blood pressure again and it was normal. Joe and I went car shopping (didn't like either of the cars we drove), dropped my car off to get inspected and a new tire,  and then ate dinner. The dizziness has gotten worse as the night has gone by, not really better. It's not so bad that I can't drive or walk, it's mainly kind of annoying. I have no signs of a cold or any other illness.

As we were driving to go car shopping and I could tell that the dizzy feeling was not going away, I decided to give my ob a call just to make sure this isn't something especially concerning. I left a message reminding them of my history, explaining the situation, and telling them that I see the high risk doctor on Wednesday. (Joe laughed and gave me crap "you don't need to tell them your life story". I almost punched him in the face.) They told me to be careful walking, make sure I eat small meals throughout the day (if it had to do with food/my blood sugar, wouldn't it be better after I eat? Tonight it's gotten worse and I made sure to even eat fruit tonight.)  If it gets really bad to take dramamine or something like that, and to make sure to tell the high risk doctor on Wednesday. That's fine by me, I just wanted to make sure this didn't warrant going into the hospital or anything, I'm not especially worried about it right now.

Joe thinks I have gestational diabetes (a possibility but I hope not!), I think I might be anemic (but again I hope not! I'm going to be uneasy about taking iron supplements since there are some studies out there that think too much iron may be linked to unexplained stillbirths,) and when I told my mom about it yesterday, she thinks I may have a symptomless inner ear infection (um, doubtful.) I don't know what it is but I hope it goes away, like now, would be nice.

But anyway, except for the dizzy thing, everything seems to be good and I'm feeling pretty good, so hopefully this will be a very uneventful week. Wednesday will make me as far along as I got with Olivia, and Thursday I will be more pregnant than ever before.


LetterstoClaire said...

I'm thinking about you guys and hope you get answers soon. I'm just like you- I pretty much recite my entire history on the phone or in person to anyone I medical person I speak with. It's even worse since Claire died- I either saw this on television or heard it somewhere-- but I remember hearing that doctor's can only make decisions based on the information that we give them. It's not our job to determine what's important, it's THEIRS. So it's up to us to give them as much information as we can and they get paid the big bucks to sort through it and figure out what it all means. In fact, most of the messages to my OB when I was pregnant required two voicemails because I would run out of time :)

*Laura Angel said...

Thinking of you!! Just wanted to share with you that my GF had this around the same time as you...she actually passed out once! But it turned out to be nothing...just a pregnancy issue. Hopefully it resolves its self soon!

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