Friday, January 7, 2011

20 wks +4 days ultrasound and pics

Today we had another good ultrasound. (And a bonus was that my mom was able to go with us.)  He's still a boy, still measuring ahead on everything-about 5 days when they average all of his measurements (and all of the individual measurements were 4+ days ahead). His estimated weight is 1 lb, +/- 2 oz. (I had said that he should be about 13 oz now, so that was a pleasant surprise that he's already 1 lb or close.) And he was still crazy active moving everywhere and anywhere, upside down and wherever.

Heart rate was 142 beats per minute, for us the old wives tale has been totally true, Olivia's heart rate was always in the 160's- high 150's even when she wasn't moving much. Lucas almost always has a heart rate in the 140's even when he's moving like crazy, sometimes it will get up to the low 150's on the dopplers, but our boy has consistently had a lower heart rate than our girl had.

He really likes his hands and feet already, and there was even a moment where he caught his foot in his hand, which unfortunately she didn't get a still picture of but we all saw it.

And now the pictures:
 Profile shot whilst kicking me, his hand is pointing towards his face on his chest.

 This is a view from the top of his head, a few very long fingers. (There were 5.)

 Another shot from the above his head, with fingers again near his face, and I think the circle at the bottom is a knee.
 Some of his crazy movements and complete position changes (at one point he even spun around completely while she was trying to get a picture.) I'm kind of in awe of the little leg/thigh, this is one of the best shots of an entire baby leg that I've seen. And he's busy with his arms and hands though they didn't come out very clear

And here's a shot of him looking up, facing us, with his arm and hand reaching above his head and waving. (Even when it's my baby, I think baby face ultrasounds like this on 2D ultrasounds are kind of creepy so I don't usually bother to even scan them, but since he's waving this will be one of the few.)

Monday, I see the high risk doctor and we go back for another growth check ultrasound in 4 weeks.


Katie&Greg said...

So cute! I love these shots! :) So glad he's healthy, Angie! I will be praying he continues to do so and stays in and bakes for at least 18 more weeks! :)

Tyggereye said...

Thats great! I'm glad that everything looked great and he was being so cute :)

MrsH said...

Lovely pictures! I also find that the face ultrasound pics are creepy, but even more so in 3d, where they look like a mask. Much prefer the profile pictures.

Kimberly said...

Beautiful, Angie!!

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