Saturday, April 9, 2011

33 weeks in pictures

My mom's paraprofessional at school painted our memory box for Olivia with the exact pattern from her dress. (It's not faded, that's just from the flash, the letters are wood and glued on top, this is just the top but the entire box is full of the tiny extremely detailed little flowers.):

She also painted these letters for us for Lucas:

We'll hang them above his crib. I love how they turned out and I also really love that we have something "for" both kids painted by her. I could have had someone paint letters from etsy (love that website) or craigslist, but they feel more special this way.

My baby shower was last Sunday (with my cold and all, and thankfully still pregnant). It was very nice, I had a great time and we got a ton of amazing gifts. My cold is still hanging on, though luckily it doesn't much bother me except for my nose is constantly running. (God bless whoever invented tissues with lotion.)

Also, I'm pretty sure that a certain baby has dropped. (They sort of confirmed it at my Tuesday monitoring appointment, but said he'd drop more so I'm not sure. And when they said he'd drop more I was like "really?" and she was like, "well yeah, when you are in labor!" "Um, no, I'm not going into labor."  This was just a nurse, some of them are kind of crappy, I don't think she even bothered to glance over why I was even there at all. Some of them are really good though, it just depends.)  Anyway, this is 31 weeks in the black and gray shirt vs. 33 weeks. (Also, since 31 weeks I've lost 6 pounds, not that I can tell it from here.)

 I'm also behind in posting baby ultrasound pictures, these were done at 32 weeks exactly, luckily there was still enough room to get decent shots, even though he was definitely measuring bigger than a 32 weeker.

Baby feet/legs and arm:

That's just a shadow and not hair (or a hole) on his least I think.

And the picture below, the cord is in front of his face and making his mouth look a bit strange, but if you disregard that, he looks A LOT like my brother Nick and my dad as babies in this picture:

And he has most definitely mastered the art of thumb sucking. At my last two monitoring appointments when they went to check my fluid levels on ultrasound, he's been sucking his thumb both times again. Last time he was even flexing his fingers out and sucking on two fingers. Hopefully we can interest him in a pacifier when he's here, because that will be a much easier habit to break later (I'm a fan of the "throw them away" method, having worked in daycare), than thumbs which you can't really get rid of...


Kimberly said...

Oh, Angie, what beautiful, beautiful pictures!! ALL of them!!

Brooke said...

I love that memory box--that is such a sweet idea to paint it with her dress pattern. And I think the thumb-sucking is adorable!

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