Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another one bites the dust...

Yesterday when I was hurriedly trying to get myself and Lucas ready for my OB appointment (all is well, BP was fine),  I knocked over a bottle of water on the coffee table where my laptop was sitting, but not on my laptop. I wiped it up quickly, got ready, left. Came home, Luke was sleeping, tried to start studying on my laptop, all was normal, and then a few minutes into whatever I was doing, the screen started flashing bright colors of lines over and over, all over. (Kinda like the old school "emergency broadcast system" screen on tv back in the day, if anyone has any idea of what I am talking about.) I am not a computer person like my husband, but that did not seem good. Maybe a power surge? I unplugged it and turned it off and restarted it. (Because restarting does fix an amazing amount of computer issues that I have.) Now the screen was bright purple, then went blank after a few seconds. And when I hit the power button, it did nothing. I looked at the battery and back of it and realized it was a little TINY bit wet, I must not have dried off the table that well before putting my laptop on a wet spot when I got home. I dried it off, took the battery out and blew on it (that seemed to work with nintendo games back in the day...), and tried to restart it again. Nothing.

When Joe got home, I had him look at it and see if he had any magical computer tricks that I hadn't tried. I asked, "could whatever is wrong have anything to do with water being spilled near it?" And he rolled his eyes and decided to take it up to Best Buy.

This laptop would be a month and a half old, a replacement for my 1 year old laptop that Luke broke (managed to pull the screen off of it after pulling it backwards many many many times). When we were contemplating whether to buy a protection plan for the replacement, we almost didn't. But decided to at the last minute. It seems that we will be getting our money's worth. They are most likely going to repair this one. And Joe said that it looks like I "fried the motherboard". Who knew that laptops were so fragile? Now I am without a laptop for probably 2ish weeks which is going to suck because my online class starts THIS WEEKEND and our desktop is ancient and I can't bring Luke in our office with me because he think it's the funnest thing ever to hit the power button on the desktop or even better, the power switch on the surge protector, which is SO FRUSTRATING after it takes 20 minutes to even get to a webpage, to have to start all over again when he restarts the computer. So blech. Hopefully they will finish it faster than the estimate, or decide to just replace it instead. (It is befuddling to me that repairing/replacing monitor= replace laptop, but frying the motherboard= fix it, you would think that the motherboard which I think is like the brain of the computer would be a lot more expensive to fix.) Computers, not my speciality. Best Buy protection plans= buy them when you have 1 year olds. (And are hard on laptops..ours get thrown around/dropped/etc. a lot.)

My quad screen results were put online, it looks like they were normal, so that is good news. (They weren't good with Olivia.) For this kiddo, they say 1 in 5000 risk of Down Syndrome, 1 in 5000 risk of open neural tube defects, 1 in 5000 risk of Trisomy 18. Anyone who has lost a baby, especially an "atypical" case that had less than 1% chance of happening, is not a huge fan of odds. But 1 in 5000 seems pretty good, even if it will always seem like that 1 could easily be me again. Everything seems to be going well with the new baby, my anatomy scan is next week, then I will officially breathe a little easier if everything seems okay. (Although honestly, between Luke and school and trying to sleep sometimes, I have so little time to worry about this pregnancy that I almost feel like I should feel guilty for not worrying more. But even that, no time to dwell on. I have no reason to think that there is anything amiss right now, and there is not a lot that they could do even if there were worrisome signs. And I simply do not have the energy to spend this pregnancy stressing like I did with Luke.)

It seems like I am going to be really injury prone this time. Last night I was finishing up studying in my office and stood up to leave when I put my foot down on and a thumb tack that must have fell off my desk (another reason why Luke can't be in my office) went through the part in the middle of the sole of my foot about an inch below my toes. Ugh, it hurt! I had to make Joe get up to pull it out for me. (He said, "Seriously?" Then looked at the tack and said, "whoa, that probably hurt.") My foot does not seem to be infected (which after the never-ending hand saga, was my first and urgent concern. I seriously debated putting peroxide on it but didn't have the guts to subject myself to more pain. I did wash it very well and put neosporin on it, which didn't help me at all with my hand, but I figured that hopefully the tack was a bit more sterile than dog mouth germs.So far, so good.)

School is going well but I will be very glad when the next 6 weeks are over. Today I had two major tests over everything about blood, the cardiovascular system (all the arteries and veins), and the heart (which included a lovely dissection of a sheep's heart). The harder of the two tests (identifying everything on various models with no word bank or anything, all short answer), has already been graded and posted. When I came home I said to my parents and Joe, "that did not go very well. It will be a miracle if I got a B." Whelp, I think that teacher must grade very generously because somehow I got a perfect grade plus a few points extra credit. She also said that this is the hardest unit usually, so that makes me feel pretty good about the rest of the semester. The other test was mostly scantron/multiple choice and there were only a few that I needed to guess for, so I think that one will be fine. Even though I do not especially love studying or spending hours in class, I love this stuff. I hated looking at cells/tissue under microscopes (ugh, I HATE microscopes), and I wasn't crazy about learning the muscles and blech either, but now we finally get to do the organs and important stuff that I like to know about, so hopefully it won't be bad.

And it is midnight so I better get to bed before my 3am wake up call in the form of a cuddly little boy.


Addi's mom said...

I can't sleep and I'm pretty sure the second I do, my little guy will be ready to eat! ha!

Such a bummer about your laptop, but I had to laugh at your comment about blowing on it like a Nintendo did work for those games...we still have our old Nintendo somewhere in the attic, but those were good times.

I think it's really wonderful that you are too busy to worry as much about this pregnancy. It is my hope that will be the case for us when we are ready for no. 3 because let's face it, the worry we went through with no.2 was more than anyone should ever experience once let alone multiple times. So happy to hear the quad screen went well and you have no "red flags".

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