Saturday, June 9, 2012

Toddler paradise.

Last night we went to a nonprofit bowling fundraiser (at a nonsmoking bowling alley.) I didn't bowl. (My dad doesn't even like to see me carry Luke, bowling would just be annoying. Plus, I pretty much stink at bowling and therefore hate it and usually quit halfway through.)  Joe and my parents and my aunt and uncle all bowled. Luckily, our lane was right across from the bowling alley arcade. There was actually so much to see that Luke stayed pretty content in his stroller for a good hour, but I decided not to push our luck much farther (I need him to stay pretty content in his stroller through about 4 more months of doctors' appointments.) and took him out and over to the arcade (which was amazingly empty and only had one entrance/exit so it wasn't like I had to worry about him running out). It was PERFECT. He watched all the stuff lighting up in awe, wandered around pushing buttons, there was one of those dance party thing little stages that was on one step so he loved going up the step, walking around the stage, down the step, back up the step, on to something else. There were race car things which I think fascinated him the most and were nice because I could just sit in the cushioned chair with him on my lap while he played with the steering wheel and buttons. When something started playing music, he'd stop to dance and clap his hands. (Actually, he did a lot of enthusiastic clapping last night between all the bowling and video games.) He loved it. I loved it because I didn't really have to follow him around much, the arcade was empty and pretty toddler-safe actually. (I mean, I'm sure there are ways he could have found trouble but all of the flashing lights and stuff to see kept him pretty captivated.) And best of all, we didn't have to spend even a quarter and he still thought it was the best thing ever. I'm sure our time will come to pay plenty on junk like that, but for now, that was really nice. We may be spending a lot of time at bowling alleys.

The other day in my A&P lab class, I was talking to this girl who sits next to me in both classes and who is a few years older than me (as opposed to the many 18 year olds.) I was saying I was very unenthusiastic about dissecting a sheep's heart, our project Wednesday. (Actually, looking at the actual heart wasn't as bad as I thought. But I am really REALLY not looking forward to when we do eyes..) She asked if I was pregnant and how far along, blah blah blah. She asked if it was my first pregnancy (so I guess that question is forever if you are pregnant and don't have a child with you), and I said "no, actually it's my third." She sighs longingly and says, "Oh, I miss having a baby, my son is 4." And I told her how I have a one year old so I'm not going to have much chance to miss babyhood before we are doing it all over again. And she asked me some stuff about Luke, and then we did the sheep junk and that conversation ended. And I realized that even though I said this was my 3rd pregnancy, I ended up not mentioning Olivia specifically at all. And wondered if she wondered why I didn't mention my first kid at all, or maybe the fact that I said it was my third pregnancy but then only said I have a one year old alluded to the fact that we actually only have one living child. It's funny that I made it the entire 16 week semester in my other classes without anyone asking anything personal, and manage to end up talking about Luke and being pregnant in my first week of new classes. (Maybe partly because I am obviously showing now and people are so chatty when you are pregnant.)

My blood pressure has been good at home again, the few chances I've had to take it.

Fingers crossed Luke will take an afternoon nap even though he took a LONG morning nap, because I am ready for one.


Addi's mom said...

Glad your Bp is good! I've had a couple times where I say Mason is my second and no other questions come. It's good not denying Addi, but is sucks not to be able to talk about our girls as freely as we can about our boys.

Ps my feelings on bowling are much like yours!

Kim said...

I'm so glad to read your BP is better! I got into a lengthy conversation about Reese and Scotlyn with my patient and their husband. It turns out they are both funeral directors and were oh so very sweet. She told me I need to read Big George, have you heard of it? She said it's from the baby's perspective. It sounds very interesting. I will let you know how it is. They also told me that there is an Angel of Hope over here near where I live:) Glad the bowling turned out good!

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