Friday, June 29, 2012

Rainbows, rainbows, everywhere!

I have so many friends having rainbow babies, adopting rainbow babies, or having their first or second babies lately. It's a good thing I'm already pregnant (and have a 1 year old who is still pretty babyish) or I'd be having some serious baby fever. I held a 6 lb baby girl today and it was hard to believe Luke was ever that small (and Olivia of course was much much smaller than both of them at under a pound.) Luke was with me, and stared at the babies, but didn't really seem to care much about them either way. Give him some fridge magnets over babies, any day.  (For those of you who follow Brooke , her rainbow baby safely arrived today as well! I will let her share the details herself when she has time, but I will say that much. :)

Speaking of rainbow babies, Lucas is having some severe separation-from-mommy anxiety. Like, to the point where, if he even THINKS I might leave, he will start crying, even if I'm right there. Today we were at my friend's house and he was in the kitchen playing with fridge magnets while I was sitting on the couch a few feet away, he could clearly hear my voice even if he couldn't see me, but started crying hysterically and took a few minutes to calm down. I only have 4 weeks left of school, so that's good, but yeesh...they could be a rough 4 weeks for all of us. (This next week I only have class on Monday, and then a midterm on Saturday for my online class that I have to go take in person, but both days he can stay with Joe...which is not necessarily any better than leaving him with my parents. Tonight he was in the house with Joe while I went to find something in my car and he FREAKED OUT thinking I had left.) He is definitely a momma's boy. I really hope it gets better before I am in the hospital with this new baby. Those could be a few REALLY rough days for him.


Addi's mom said...

It is amazing and wonderful to hear of so many new rainbows! Sweet that your Luke loves you SO much. I am sure it will be hard for him when his new brother arrives, but he will figure it out.

Melissa said...

I am loving all the rainbow babies right now! It gives me hope, for you and myself. I was over the moon when I heard about Brooke's little girl. It lightened my heart. I am glad you are doing well.

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