Thursday, June 7, 2012

Oh boy.

So it looks like Olivia and Lucas are getting a little brother!

Fingers crossed that the boys will wear each other out because the thought of another Luke is daunting although of course exciting. (How did I ever take care of 14 two year olds? My one 1 year old kicks my butt.) And it's not just me, my parents watched Luke today while I was in class (I have 2 classes in a row and they have shortened 16 week classes into 8 weeks so the classes are really long), I texted my mom on our break to see how they were doing and she said, "He's really busy. And really chatty today." (And that was with both my parents home and my 20-something brother all there to help and entertain him.) Apparently when we left, my dad told my mom, "I am so tired." Yeah, me too. And on Monday when Joe watched him while I was in class, when I called on my way home he said, "Oh thank god!" So yeah, it's not just that I'm pregnant and have no energy, Luke is just a nonstop bundle of energy. On the bright side, I am eating whatever the heck I want and gaining relatively little weight. My high risk doctor said, "Keep doing whatever you are doing food-wise." Ha. No problem with that! And here I was thinking maybe I should lay off all the Dairy Queen.

Getting off topic, but I want to write about this before I forget. My dad has gotten very good with opening and closing strollers, putting Luke in, putting Luke in the car, etc. (which is funny because I don't remember him ever pushing my youngest brother-now 15-in a stroller, ever. And he always had one of us put him in the car, that sort of thing, since he had teenagers to do that kind of stuff for him.) I have a Very Nice umbrella stroller that I got an AWESOME deal on (Britax Blink) and I love love love it. However, it is my "shopping/doctor/etc." stroller that I like to keep in my car because it is light and small, easy to maneuver, comfy for Luke, holds all of my crap, perfect. With my hand fiasco, I had to train my dad to open and close it, put Luke in it, etc. because that first day I literally couldn't move my fingers even if I wanted to. The few times my dad has babysat, I just took that stroller out of the car and left it with them in case he wanted to take Luke on a walk. (He usually takes him on 2 or 3 walks.) Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment in the morning, so I needed my good stroller for Luke, but I knew I would be rushed for time to get to class when I dropped Luke off, so the night before I dropped off my not as great stroller.. the Graco Metrolite which worked well enough when Luke was in an infant carseat and I could just snap the seat in the stroller, but it is bulky and takes up a lot of room (not good for shopping or doctors) and so generally I leave that stroller in our garage for Joe to take Luke on walks around our subdivision when I'm not home (which it works fine for that and we don't even fold it/unfold it.) So yesterday my dad had to deal with the Graco Metrolite stroller and my mom told me last night that my dad kept grumbling about "that cheap stroller" and how Luke was going to hate the tray in front of him, etc. etc. etc. (My mom actually pointed out that I spent more for that then I spent for the Britax, which is only true because I think they discontinued the Britax so I got it on a closeout sale.)  I just think it's hilarious that my dad is becoming a stroller snob. Did not see this coming.

Boy names are impossible this time. The names we liked with Luke, (Caleb was the #2 choice), we mostly don't anymore. Joe really wants to go with something classic a la Michael, Christopher, etc. I don't, mainly thanks to former students. We had so many "troubled" kids who were boys when I taught at the alternative school. We may have to pull off a "Phillip Phillips", except in our case for a boy it would actually be the exact same name twice. And Joe is not going for that. So feel free to shoot out suggestions. (And I have tried Nymbler, etc., we can't agree on anything, and even then, the names that I "like" I don't really love but just saying I like them to have something to go off of.) Oh boys.

Anyway, yesterday I saw my high risk doctor. She was "not happy" about the hand ordeal but took it a lot better than I expected and even said she understood why I would try to do it. (I still have not been released from the hand doctor, supposed to see him again in a couple weeks but might cancel, because enough of that already.) She took a peak at the baby's gender and when the boy parts became obvious I said "it's a boy!" and she told me I should be a tech...hahaha...."I'm working on it!" And then told me good and that I should work in the perinatal center, which sounds like a plan to me, although I sorta have to have this baby, then go to ultrasound school first.

My blood pressure was not good. Yesterday it was 130/90 and at my OB a few weeks ago (the day before the dog bite), it was around that too.But while I was in the hospital (granted laying around) it was generally in the 100/60's range (which is my normal) and never anywhere close to high. So even though my OB wanted me to start watching it, after the hospital stuff I figured the reading at my OB office was a fluke, but now I am not so sure. Even if it is stress of being at the doctor, my pressures were not this high with Luke and I was super stressed then, and it's not good that it is reacting so easily. Honestly, I just don't have a good feeling about where this is going. But it's not something I have much time to dwell on either, I'm too busy keeping Luke from breaking his head all day and have an entire circulatory system to memorize plus a bunch of other junk sometime too. I did the bloodwork for the quad screen yesterday, fingers crossed that it comes back normal at least (since that was our first sign of trouble with Olivia.) I took my blood pressure at home today and it was 133/78, better, but that is super high for me at home. If I pull out my blood pressures from my pregnancy with Luke,  I don't think I had readings anywhere near that high at home at this point. My normal was around 110's/60's. Also, taking your blood pressure with a 1 year old is almost impossible. Even if he's busy playing (read: destroying our house), he hears the machine and wanders over to investigate and press buttons. I'm going to have to get in the habit of doing it while he is restrained in his high chair. (My first high reading was actually when he was in the high chair so I can't blame it on him. I've been trying to get a follow up reading and have gotten error codes every time.)

Anyway, we are just chugging along. I am hoping Luke will take a morning nap sometime soon since he has been up and busy since 6. (He is currently perched on the arm of our couch looking out the windows and babbling. Definitely slowing down.) Then this afternoon I plan to set up the sprinkler outside (maybe at my parent's house) and hopefully let him wear himself out. I have a ton of studying to do. Making father's day cards for the infant loss crowd tonight. 17 weeks tomorrow.


Brooke said...

Ooh, I hate to hear concern about your blood pressure. I really hope that does not become an issue--at least not THIS early in your pregnancy. Fingers crossed.

I imagine Luke is exhausting! Just seeing him for a few minutes in your hospital room, he was going non-stop!! I love the idea of him and Little Brother wearing each other out.

And to me, it feels like "17 weeks already!" Does it feel like that to you?

*Laura Angel said...

Congrats on a little boy :)

SG said...

Congratulations! Another boy :) Luke sounds like a bundle of energy... Here's hoping your BP goes down and stays put.

Addi's mom said...

Congratulations the little brother for Olivia and Lucas, how cool that you were the one to see the gender.

Too funny that your dad is the stroller snob! Ha!

Kim said...

That's awesome about your dad! Too cute:) I hope your BP's get better or at least stay the same for the rest of your pregnancy.

LauraJane said...

Congratulations on the boy! :)
Hoping the blood pressure lowers.

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