Saturday, May 11, 2013

Oh my.

It has been eventful around here.

We've had Luke's birthday party, their first Cardinals game, a whole lot of sick and doctor's appointments +antibiotics x2 kids and shots x2 kids, then birthday parties to go to, etc. Busy busy busy.

Matthew started solids this week. So far just avocado and sweet potatoes. He wasn't crazy about the avocado but gobbled down the sweet potatoes. He thinks sitting in Luke's high chair (just the space saver one attached to a chair) is hilarious and awesome. Luke doesn't seem to mind it and likes to talk and play with him in it. But now I need to figure out a chair for Luke stat.I really want the Tripp Trapp but don't like the price and they never come up used here.

I have been contemplating starting to potty train Luke, he will tell us when he's wet/dirty and even take his diaper off and bring it to us. I didn't want to during his birthday stuff, then we've been sick, then Thursday we are going to the zoo so I was going to hold off until next week. (Plus I worked with 2 year olds and have helped potty train quite a few, it's a pain, I just want to put off dealing with it a little bit longer.) In the meantime, we did get a potty and have let Luke sit on it and casually talked up pottying on it just to get the concept started before we go all out into underwear/etc. He has never gone but liked sitting on it then saying all done and getting up, which was fine.

Just as I was thinking we will wait till next week, tonight Luke took off his shorts and dry diaper, went in the bathroom when Joe asked if he wanted too, then peed in the potty. We made a huge deal out of it. Then an hour later, he took his diaper off again, but this time went in the bathroom on his own, sat on the potty and peed again.

So, I guess we'll be potty training VERY soon though we'll probably try to wait at least till the weekend to really go all out with it. I am glad we have held off on buying new furniture and I planned to touch up the carpets soon anyway.

Today we went out to Purina Farms which is free in our area. They have a huge barn with cows, horses, goats, pigs, sheep, chicken, ducks, bunnies, plus dogs and cats and dog shows. They had a petting area with a chicken and bunny loose plus two piglets in a playpen type thing. Luke thought it was the greatest place ever. He kept running back and forth between all the animals, petting them, yelling "look! look!" Unfortunately we just let my mom take pictures with her DSLR which I should have known was a mistake b/c she is really camera-dumb. She has had it over 2 years now and still doesn't know how to look back and see the pictures she took. (I have showed her at least twice and I only haveonly had a cheap point and shoot camera.) Anyway, none of the pictures came out very well, but it was a nice day and we had a blast!


Kim said...

I am sorry about your illnesses! I hope you are on the mend:) Sounds like Luke is doing wonderful with potty training, hopefully it stays going this good! Happy Mother's Day Angie!

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