Friday, May 18, 2012

Almost out of here.

The hospitalist doctor cleared me to go home. But not before he squeezed the crap out of my hand which reopened the wound that has been closed for 2ish days now to get a wound culture. When my nurse came in and looked puzzled and said "uh, she just had a negative culture a couple days ago." He tried to say that no I didn't. Since I pay attention when they do crap to me and talk about the results (to each other, they usually never bother telling them to me), I knew that I did have a culture done and it was negative. Well, now that you've freaking hurt my hand that wasn't hurting before you came in, go ahead, do another fricking culture. Then he told me to call on Sunday and he will call me back with the results. I asked if it was positive, are they going to make me come back? Change my medicine? What? He shook his head. "Nah, you are already on antibiotics." Oh good. So this repetitive test was not only redundant but pointless as well.

Obviously, I need to find a general practice doctor who makes hospital rounds when necessary ASAP. It has never been an issue before. I see my family doctor once a year or less. Before this I thought I broke my toe last October so I saw her then. Before that, it had been 2 years since I had been there. I've never been in the hospital for anything but pregnancy stuff and my OB or her partner always came to see me. I don't even think I knew my doctor didn't do rounds. So, that's a huge glaring item on my to-do list. I will probably ask my OB and/or MFM for recommendations.

My dad filled my antibiotics prescription, my stuff is pretty much packed up except I need to throw my laptop in the bag. So so ready to get the heck out of here!


Kim said...

I totally missed your previous 2 posts, something about this new stupid blog layout. I'm glad you're going home, but sorry you had to be tortured first! Not much point in doing a culture this late in the game, but I hope you are out of there by the time you read this:)

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