Friday, May 18, 2012

Home at last. For now.

The surgeon was really, really not crazy about letting me leave. Thankfully he did anyway. But I have to go see him on Monday, and there's a strong chance he won't be letting me leave that day unless my hand is looking significantly better. If it starts looking worse (I have marker lines all over my hand from the redness/swelling on the first day, the second day, and now today) or the redness "goes outside the line", then I am to report back to the ER immediately. So let's cross our fingers that that won't happen because I am in no hurry to go back. And honestly, if it did get red, I would seriously contemplate going to a different hospital ER, if nothing else for a little variety in meals and maybe doctors at a different hospital would be less inclined to hold me hostage forever.

The house wasn't exactly neat when I left, we've had a busy few weeks with Luke's birthday party, then finals, then the walk. This week there was supposed to be NOTHING to do and of course I ended up in the hospital instead. We didn't have much clean laundry when I went in to the doctor, so four days later, the state of our house is pretty ridiculous. They didn't really tell me not to clean or anything, but still, I tried to mostly take it easy. But I have done a couple loads of laundry and some dishes and some stuff because I couldn't stand it.

Mess and all, it is really nice to be home.


SG said...

Welcome home! I hope your hand gets better and better (quickly, too).

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