Thursday, May 17, 2012


The doctors seemed pretty okay with releasing me tomorrow on oral antibiotics, earlier today. But I'm nervous they may change their minds because my hand really hasn't gotten any less red today yet and that is the main thing they are keeping an eye on. (Although it did get significantly better overnight yesterday so maybe I'm being overly pessimistic and it will improve overnight.)

 I am SO READY to get out of here though. I've had 4 different IV's (the good one went bad today), 2 allergic reactions to tegaderm (the clear tape stuff they put on top of iv's to hold them in), and an allergic reaction to one of the antibiotics they tried to put me on. SO FREAKING DONE. I am tired of grilled cheese. Tired of fruit and veggie plates. Tired of needles. Tired of stressing about them letting me leave. I have not had a lovenox shot since Sunday and that is stressing me out too. My ob approved for me to be off it for "a couple days", this is day FOUR. They pretty much said today that they will not be doing surgery, (which was why they halted the lovenox), so there was NO REASON that I didn't get my shot today/tonight. I was sorely tempted to have Joe or one of my family members bring a lovenox shot up for me and do it myself in the bathroom. Then I worried because they said they'd do it tomorrow (morning) and I don't want 2 shots just a few hours apart. I was hoping to ask the doctor to let me have lovenox but he never came back. I am not amused by a couple of ding dong hospitalists, a hand surgeon/plastic surgeon (the main guy making the decisions that the others go along with), and an infectious medicine doctor (the one who gave me the allergic reaction trying the penicillin family med knowing I was allergic to penicillin)...making decisions that affect my pregnancy. It is seriously pissing me off. Enough that if they don't discharge me tomorrow, I will definitely be on the phone with my real doctors...the ones who actually care that I'm pregnant...and will be seriously considering discharging myself. I am just done with this place. I am really not used to being held hostage like this with doctors I hardly know and most of whom I wouldn't have chosen as my doctors if I had had any choice.

(On the bright side, all of my nurses have been fantastic.)

So officially, I have cellulitis. (Which FYI is different than cellulite though I probably have that too after 2 pregnancies.)  Apparently it can get nasty with sepsis or infections in the blood stream if not treated promptly/aggressively, so I can understand why I am still here today but I wish they cared a little more that hello I am pregnant. (None of these people are used to working with pregnant patients because this isn't a very common pregnancy ailment. You would think that would make them overly cautious in regards to not giving me meds similar to what I am allergic too and hey maybe checking on the baby once a day just for the heck of it...uh, no. Let's just ignore that inconvenient fact.) The antibiotics I've been on are all category B's, the safest they can get, and certainly safer than leaving an infection this serious untreated, so that part is fine. But geez.

Joe is also starting to stress me out because he keeps freaking out about missing work. He's trying to save up his time off for (hopefully) the baby's arrival in October. And I just want him to shut up about it already because he has no fricking clue what cellulitis is. Uh, if we don't get rid of this, there probably won't be a baby in October and for as bad as this could get, I might not be around either, so suck it up. He thinks the doctors are keeping me to be ridiculous. (Note, he talked me out of going to the ER Monday night. Then Tuesday he couldn't believe my family doctor sent me to the ER. And then he couldn't believe I was admitted. And then he couldn't believe that they were talking about a stay of a few days. So, he's just not really getting it, even though he's been in the room the same time the doctors have been in here sometimes. I probably should just hand him the laptop and let him google it, since I only found out what I have from the nurses, not like a doctor needed to tell me what was wrong or anything.) Anyway, I think his problem is a little guilt for not going to the ER (oh boy did that backfire although it may not have made any difference whatsoever), a lot of stress for taking care of Luke mostly on his own since Tuesday afternoon,  and then stress about missing work and wanting to make the time up. I think he thinks I am in here for some trivial hand thing and geez, let her leave already. He doesn't have the laptop and he's quite busy chasing Luke around at home so it's not like he really has time to look it up for himself. I warned him of my concern tonight and I think he's more bummed about the prospect of me staying another night than I am. Basically, I'm trying to prepare myself for possibly not being freed tomorrow just in case.

Thank god for my friends bringing me McAlister's sweet tea and food and candy (Thanks, you guys are the best!) and my parents bringing me soda, and Joe bringing up Luke. And for laptops and Nooks.

Fingers crossed that this is my last night here until our new baby is in our arms.


SG said...

Yikes, what a crazy set of events! Here's hoping you can go home really soon, and that baby is totally unaware of all of this :)

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