Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A lot of stuff.

Potty training is not going so swimmingly. Part of the problem is that I pretty much hate dealing with it. Yesterday was okay, Luke had 2 accidents in underwear but used the potty 4 or 5 times. The problem was that the times he had an accident in his underwear, it didn't really bother him all that much and he was pretty darn ticked that I made him stop watching Barney to clean him up! Fail.

Today he decided he didn't want to wear underwear (even with cars on them, which btw, is pretty much the only stupid choice in stores right now..going to have to look online.) But he didn't want to wear a diaper either. (I could "make him", except he can take off diapers and take off underwear so that is pretty pointless.) So...he was a nudist all morning and that actually went pretty well. He used the potty a couple of times, then we had to go so I put a diaper on him, he didn't exactly keep it dry.

Meh. I'm kind of over it. I think I'll keep putting him in underwear when we're home and trying to keep getting him to use the potty (which he almost always does if we ask, but he doesn't really ever initiate), and back off. We are going on vacation in a few weeks and I hate being stuck at home.

Luke has gotten really really interested in counting all of a sudden. He is so random about it though. He will go "two, four, six!" (Tonight at dinner with my mom and brother Joe and I were joking that he's a child genius counting by two's already!) Then the next minute he'll be counting "two, three, four, six!" He never says one, he almost never says five, and sometimes if we start counting he'll just throw "six!" out there randomly. So, it's very much a work in progress. He just started being interested in it all of a sudden though, it's crazy how fast they come up with this stuff. He really likes watching us write letters and name them. Tonight during dinner he kept making my brother write out names and say the letters for him. A lot of times he will talk over us for the letters, like I will write his name and say "L" U"K"E", and he will say, "A" "E" "R" "T", very emphatically and seriously like he's right and we are wrong. (Gee, I wonder where he gets that from! Couldn't be my husband who talked our trivia night team out of the right answer because he was POSITIVE his answer was right.) Anyway, tonight as my brother was doing the names/letters, he just watched him intently and said "More!" any time he finished instead of arguing over the letters. I'm not really all that concerned about it either way, it's just funny and crazy how all of a sudden he is so fascinated by it all.

He is working on like 3 teeth at once. He is a crabby mess most of the time when he's awake, except if Luke happens to glance his way. I'm actually considering taking him to the doctor just for being a crabby mess if he doesn't chill out soon. He is kicking my butt. The one thing he is doing great at is eating. He loves anything and everything we feed him. He cries in between spoonfuls if we don't shovel it in fast enough. He is already up to 3 "meals" a day. Luke was a good eater early on too, but not this good. For cheap entertainment, I like putting puffs on his high chair tray and watch him try to get them in his hands. He is nowhere close to having the "pincer grasp", it is so so funny watching him open and close his palm trying to catch one, then if he happens to get it stuck to his palm, getting it to his mouth doesn't really happen.

The best moment of my day today was giving both boys a bath together and watching them play (well, holding Matthew up and closely supervising because Luke can be mean and will try to dump a cup full of water over Matthew's head if I'm not rightthere to catch it.) Anyway, I just really love watching them play and interact with each other. We definitely have had our rough moments these past 7 (!) months, but it is really nice to be able to do stuff like that and have them play together. Watching them laugh at each other is pretty much the best thing ever.


Brooke said...

Those brotherly moments will keep getting sweeter (although I'm sure there will be plenty of less-sweet moments, also). I think it's great that you're just following Luke's lead and not getting too worked up about potty training. Plus I get not wanting to deal with it on vacation. I love that he's getting into numbers and letters! Smart cookie.

Kim said...

What fun ages to what them play together! I definitely would not stress about potty training, you are going about it the right way. I have heard nakey is good for potty training:) Brennan was 3 when he was fully potty trained. I think boys take longer. Good luck! I hope Matty feels better soon!!

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