Friday, May 24, 2013

Noisy house

Sounds from this morning with Luke playing around the train set on our coffee table:

"Choo choo".
(mumbles something I couldn't hear) "peas."
He adds a piece to the train, then tells himself, "thank eww"
and hardly before pausing, "er welcome!"
Then starts clapping his hands, "I did it!"
Then he starts pushing the train some more, "Bye, see ya ater"

I didn't realize how much he talks when playing with his trains till now when I sat listening while feeding Matthew.

Earlier this week, he got into the kitchen (we try to keep him out because he's just trouble in there.) He managed to get into a loaf of bread and dump the entire loaf on the floor, out of the bag. Without missing a beat, he pats his hands together and says, "There! All done." Like that was his intention all along.

And then the clocks. EVERYWHERE we go, he has taken to spotting clocks, pointing them out, and saying emphatically "COCKS! COCKS!" So far, it's been pretty much okay, I repeat, "yes honey, there's a cLock!" One of these days that's going to be really awkward though, I'm sure of it.

And then Matthew recently discovered his shrieky voice. He doesn't cry normal for long now before he launches into a full-scale shriek. I wish he would babble a little bit more but I get paranoid about that kind of stuff, and I don't remember exactly when between 6 and 9 months that really starts happening more. (He does look at us and make sounds sometimes, just not real "babbling" yet.) He is also eating solids now like he's been eating food his whole life. He just gobbles it all up, anything he's tried. He has also been sleeping in his crib all week and doing pretty well with it. Not making it the entire night, yet, but he will even wake up a bit when I lay him down and still go back to sleep if I turn on his glowworm and pat his back and then slowly sneak out.

Fun times around here!


Kim said...

Aww they're getting so big! So much fun!

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