Thursday, May 23, 2013

I guess we are potty training

After taking a week or so "off" from mentioning the potty, I started having Luke sit on it every time we have been in the bathroom (since he has to come keep me company any time I go in there, even if it's just something like giving Matthew a bath.) Anyway, all week, every time he has sat, he ends up peeing.

Then in the past few days he started saying "change! change!" anytime his diaper needed changed.

Then this evening he started trying to take off his dry diaper, I asked him if he needed to potty and he said yes, then he proceeded to go (and sorry for the TMI but not just pee this time!)

He really likes going pee and then dumping the bowl in the regular toilet and flushing, so that helps.

I really wanted to wait a bit longer then this (Matthew is all shrieky right now, we go on vacation at the end of June, etc.) but basically the kid is really close to potty training himself. As much as he hates being the tiniest bit wet (like if he dribbles water on his shirt drinking, he flips out till he can get the shirt off), I don't anticipate the transition to underwear being very difficult beyond an accident or two.

We badly need new furniture, ours is torn and just meh, so I guess it's a good thing we haven't picked anything out yet. (Only because it's really hard for us to agree on what we want and we both keep changing our minds.)

So I guess this weekend and next week will be underwear boot camp. I have done this a time or 15 before with daycare kids, and know that the "boot camp" is really on me. But seriously the kid could not be more obviously ready. I do not want him to stop doing what he is doing now.

My baby is growing up way too fast!


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