Thursday, May 30, 2013

Holy cow.

Just when I start thinking we have things reasonably under control, we go and have a night like tonight.

Matthew is trying to win a prize for crabbiest baby ever, I think.

Luke woke him up not once, not twice, but THREE times today.

At 11 pm both kids were still awake, crying, and hadn't really been to bed yet.

Luke decided he HATES the new pull ups I bought him with a passion, so 9 pm was not a good time to use the last regular diaper. (I may be able to scrounge up a couple in the car if it ever stops raining and/or I get desperate.) I didn't buy regular diapers because I bought pull ups for night time/naps. Joe made him wear a pull up and he screamed like he had been set on fire complete with some pathetic "MAMAs".

It was just bad.

The baby is finally asleep and it is quiet so hopefully the two year old is too.

I really really hope they sleep in tomorrow.


*Belle* said...

Pull-ups are just glorified diapers and aren't needed. Check out my potty training post I trained Quinn in 3 days.

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